Share Game Description: Exhilarating race with 16 opponents over insane roller coaster tracks. | By the developer of the ever-so popular series Drift Runners and the creator of some of the most famous games on the internet comes a brand new, action-packed, 3D racing game, Coaster Racer! In this game your goal is to race 16 competitors through several roller coaster-like tracks racing high above the clouds. Skid, shunt and maneuver around opponents to beat them to the finish line! In addition, Coaster Racer is very easy to get used to, you understand what you need to do right off the bat and the game is highly additive!

Coaster Racer

Winning each race heavily relied on you having good top speed and control over your vehicle, this was easily achievable through the upgrade menu. Obviously there is several ways to upgrade, but having good top speed and control are a must for any racing game. Without the upgrades you were bound to lose time after time, but once you find a powerful strategy for you, then you should be able to fly pass your competitors one way or another, whether that’s through pure speed or through maneuvering around them, weaving in and out of traffic. Nitro was also a valuable resource in this game (♪Nitro, nitro, nitro, I love nitro♪), but is almost useless (meaning you might only pass two people max when you’re behind) until your upgrade it in later stages. A sweet thing about this game is that if you can’t adjust to normal mode or hard mode, you can always swap to different difficulty modes; there is three in-game modes being: easy, medium and hard. Overall, the difficulty was generous, you got to pick the difficulty of the game and, in addition, you could upgrade your vehicle to fit your own gameplay style.

LongAnimals (the developer of Coaster Racer) had continuously developed games and published them on various flash portals, but this has to be one of his best games to date. Everything about the game was perfect and best of all, he introduced a 3D-like racing game that had once only been the territory of other programs developed games. The idea of Coaster Racer was also unique, most racing games are based in urban towns, or dirt fields and sometimes tropical jungles, but this game went sky-high, above the clouds and ground provided a tense environment as you skid close to an edge, one tire slipping off and hanging over the hundreds of thousands foot fall as you hit the nitro and blast off leaving a trail of smoke behind and knowing that you’ve cheating death again. The game being based so high into the air provided a beautiful lookout as you cruised throughout the track.

Little did he know that there was no road at the end of that jump!

One of the things that I have to highlight about this game is the visuals. You know what, I don’t even know how to describe 3D, but if I was to put it in two words it would be “Coaster-Racer.” Coaster Racer well displayed amazing 3D art that changed based on the direction you were facing, so it really was quite 3D and quite entertaining; I can’t say enough good things about the 3D graphics! This game has some of the best visuals in racing genre, let alone the casual gaming world. The 3D influence truly did make you feel as though you were right there, racing along side sixteen competitors, wind violently crashing into your face. The visuals were simply pulchritudinous.

The sound effects complimented the 3D feel with a sort of surround sound concept, where other racers could be heard screeching their tires in the background, as you zoom off, engine roaring over other cars. The sound effects were altogether amazing and gave an extra dimension to the game (no, sadly we’re not talking about 4D). There was actually no music, but the game didn’t need to have music in actuality, consider the developer was aiming for a realistic effect, LongAnimals chose correctly by  promoting the sound effect. Overall, the sound effects were terrific and made you feel as though you were actually there.

The difficulty ramp was fair and best of all it didn’t force you to proceed onto other levels, so if you need to take the time to collect more money from previous levels to upgrade your vehicle, then feel free to do so, take the time and come back to the level. Coaster Rider isn’t going to force anything upon you, kind of like free roam games you can decide when you want to proceed onto a more challenging part of the game, you can stick around a while and upgrade your vehicle and then blast away your competition when you have a beast vehicle. In addition, you can choose right off the bat what kind of difficulty you want, there is three modes and zero reasons to complain.

The replay value was high, there was a total of twenty-five achievements to collect, each one obtainable in different situations, crashing into junk, completing races in certain positions, jumping distances, and a lot more achievements were obtainable. The Kongregate API was also established and allowed users to compete in scores and in the number of achievements that they have unlocked. Besides those two separate factors, the game was just plain addictive and so graphically beautiful, that alone might drag me into the game again. Overall, the replay value was high, there were several factors that are definitely going to make me come back.

In conclusion, Coaster Racer was an amazing game, everything about it was perfect, it makes me smile when I see a beautiful game, inside and out. This game will definitely capture your eye if you love heart-racing, action-packed motor-racing games that are based on roller coasters. In review, the difficulty was up to you, you could even choose your own difficulty mode, easy, medium and hard, you could also upgrade your car over time to further it’s speed, acceleration, brakes, tires and nitrous. The difficulty ramp reminded me of a free roam game, you could, one choose your difficulty and two, replay levels to gain more cash and upgrade your vehicle, without proceeding onto the next level. The art was splendid and I loved the seemingly 3D displays. In addition, the sound effects were amazing and made you feel as though your were there, with the screeching brakes or the roar of the engines. The replay value was also a strong point for this game, with twenty-five in-game achievements and the Kongregate API established there was nothing to complain about! Overall, Coaster Racer was an amazing game that blew my mind away, I can’t wait to see more from LongAnimals! [Play Coaster Racer]