Share Game Description: A monster is chasing you and you have to get away, but the game is doing its best to stop you. | Your goal in this goosetastic, Canabalt-like game, is to run away from the monster that is chasing you and try your best to multi-task between the game and your keyboard. In addition, it also to be noted that this game is endless, as the monster will chase you for eternity (kind of like a bad dream!). Chase Goose also features amazing pixel art and showcases an unique gameplay concept that separates it from numerous Canabalt clones.

Chase Goose: Goosiest Runners

The difficulty started off a little rocky, I was unsure as what to do, as so were several other people, marked in the comments. This confusion is due to the poor instructions “Left and right arrow keys to run, everything else to jump.” which seemingly applies to “continuously tap the left and right arrow keys and hit the keys specified in the game to jump.” which would have cut back on the confusion I was talking about. Moving on, the game had an odd difficulty factor, it was like Canabalt, mixed without of those typing games, (that I amazingly fail at) so that in the end it was an interesting multi-tasking type of game with a couple of influences from other genres or its own. The only problem with this game was that I didn’t have my third arm at the time with me so I couldn’t hold down shift, tap the left and right arrow keys and rapidly hit random keys on the keyboard; basically, Chase Goose is almost impossible later on in the game when they introduce the idea that you must hold the shift key at all times. I would have liked to see that changed to a more universal key that would make it easier to reach other keys at the same time, what about instead of shift, the developer replaces it with “H” (I just randomly picked that key, but it is at the center of the QWERTY keyboard!), or even decides to make it something along the lines of having to hold your mouse button down. Anything besides shift; you don’t know how hard it is to have to hold down that key and also hit the “8″ key. It’s almost as worse as the 7-10 split in bowling; practically impossible.

Like I said earlier, this game took a Canabalt influence and mixed it with a typing game, I’m actually quite fond of the idea, but the game just had bad execution. I liked the idea because it was unique, I hadn’t seen it before and for it to be influenced by the Canabalt spin-offs was amazing and provided an one of a kind experience that hadn’t been executed in games before it. The controls were not good idea by the developer, (so bad they’re making me rant in two separate paragraphs!) and I don’t mean to be rude, they just weren’t universal enough, or something that everyone can get the hang of, it was simply to difficult. One thing that I did not like about the game was the floating monster that chased you, I outran that thing by a mile in less than thirty seconds, therefore in had no real influence on the outcome in your game, unless you are eaten by it, then that could be a problem!

Fly, fly away little goose, fly! Mwhahaha!

I really liked the art! Even though it was simple it held its own little charm. The background reminded me of Canabalt, with the bold grays, with the subtle change in colors, one form of gray to another. The graphics were interesting, I sometimes wondered what some objects meant, or what was their purpose, for example what the heck is that tree doing on concrete ground in the image above, is that concrete? Hmm, the mysterious the simplified pixel art. Don’t get me wrong, I love pixel art, but some things seemed misplaced, but otherwise I loved the graphics.

One thing about Chase Goose 2, which I loved, was the music. During the actual game, it was energetic and entertaining. It actually worked quite nicely with the game and set a wonderful mood for the game that  encouraged you to continue playing. The game over music seemed apocryphal and mysterious and strongly reminded me of Solipskier, which had an absolutely amazing game over music. Chase Goose also had the same factor, displaying strong musical talent. There were a couple of sound effects, one being the jumping sound effect and another being the death sound effect. Both added a little to the game, making it better. Overall, the music was amazing and so were the sound effects.

The difficulty ramp was sharp, if I was to draw a diagram you would notice in the beginning there is a purely horizontal line and then suddenly there is sharp vertical line in middle of the graph and then another horizontal line. Do you see how jagged that would be if I was to draw that?¬† If you notice, the sharp vertical line is the introduction of the shift key, whereas you’re bound to fail nine times out of ten and the ten percent is due to you miraculously surviving an extra ten to twenty seconds. I would like to see the difficulty ramp worked on a bit more, which will encourage new users to continue playing the game.

The replay value wasn’t there, but it was a mini-game practically, so you can’t really blame it for not having replay value, especially when the mini-game genre relies on people continuously playing the game due to them liking it and being addicted to the game. There was a little replay value, which was in the high-scores, in which people complete for the distance in meters that they get, then users can submit their scores or challenge other users. I would also have liked to see a high-scores tab, which is viewable when the developer adds the Kongregate API to their game (as I’m playing Chase Goose on Kongregate currently) so that users, particularly on Kongregate can challenge one another, hopefully the developer does something with the Kongregate API.

In conclusion, Chase Goose 2 was an epic game, there’s nothing like running away from a giant pixel monster with a goose and then have a Canabalt and typing game influence; those factors made this an amazing game that was extremely addictive and hard to stop playing. As closure, the difficulty seemed too much based off the shift key, which made the game extremely difficulty, I propose the idea that the key be changed to something closer to the center of the keyboard, which would greatly help new users. In addition, the difficulty ramp spiked sharply when the shift key was introduced, although I could play the piano, I can’t hold shift with one finger and hit the “8″ key with another. Moving on, the art was splendid, I liked the simple bold colors that the artist chose for the backgrounds and the scenes in general. In addition, the background music was exciting an energetic, I loved it; the sound effects were also terrific, but there was only a couple of them. Also, the replay value seemed low, while the game was additive to me, it might not be for the net guy over and he/she might need some incentive to continue, such as in-game achievements and not just leader boards, which only one percent of the people will ever see themselves on. Overall, Chase Goose 2 was awesome, be sure to play it! [Play Chase Goose 2]