Share Game Description: A mysterious package has arrived, and the creature inside has only one request…CANDY! Help get the candy to Om Nom, the adorable monster, in this highly innovative and addictive puzzle game. Combining outstanding physics, devilishly tricky levels, and bright colorful visuals, Cut the Rope is one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store.

Cut the Rope

Your goal in each level is to feed Om Nom the piece of candy presented in each level, along the way you can also collect stars, which add to your total score and contribute to unlocking additional levels. One thing that Cut the Rope did, exceptionally well were the physics. Any physics game relies heavily on their physics working perfectly and realistically, and when a game flawlessly delivers that its rare and it’s an awesome sight to behold. Each level was its own puzzle, there were no two puzzles alike, each one being  completed in unique way. The levels themselves were easy a first, but progressed onto more and more difficult levels. The only complaint that I have it that sometimes, ropes are placed so close to one another that you can’t just slice one rope, but you’re going to slice all of them on accident. Obviously there are a few instances of this, which is no “biggy”, but was more likely an inconvenience to the user. In other levels this problem was more apparent, but there were solutions such as the balloons filled with air and other aspects of the game that could alter the locations of the ropes with ease. The collection of stars, which I previously explained, seemed to be more of a puzzle than the real level itself. In some instances levels had simple solutions (to get the candy to the monster), but the moves you had to take to collect all of the stars were puzzling and made the game more interesting as the stars became a sort of “bragging points.”

The concept wasn’t entirely new, I’ve seen it here and there on occasion, but Cut the Rope did it so flawlessly that it blew its competition away into the dust. The couple of “look-alike” games that I’ve seen in this genre have all been relatively simple games, and Cut the Rope once again proved that the simplest games, may as well be the more addictive and entertaining than some outrageously priced, complex war game. One of the best things that I like about this game was the addition of new concepts and ideas as the game progressed, as spiders, or even air cushions became involved. It seemed that every time you turned the corner there was something new, something different and something that altered the gameplay, continuously making the game more interesting and more challenging.

Look at him, sticking his tongue out at me!

One of the best things about Cut the Rope were the graphics. I love the brightly covered visuals which make the game seem lively and gives it energy. One thing that I liked most about this game was the character, Om Nom, otherwise known as “candy eater”. Om Nom was cute, I’ll admit it, and don’t try to tell me that he’s not! Another think that I liked (besides going on about Om Nom for the next paragraph) were the beautiful patterns that were displayed in the background, actually every little thing about the game was artistically amazing. A couple of things that I adore that the artist did were the small things, the tape next to the air cushions, the seaming around the borders of the Fabric Box levels, the little emotes that Om Nom does and other things factor towards an artistically amazing game.

I liked the music, it was neutral, it wasn’t rock or something that is aiming at a group of people, rather it was quite neutral and could appeal to all ages and groups. The music also perfectly complimented the art with its simple easy-going style. The music seems like it would also work well in an adventure game, as well, in a puzzler, as it is currently displayed in. Sound effects were also well established and added more to an already musically-appealing game. Overall, the sounds were wonderful!

Cut the Rope had a reasonable difficulty ramp, it’s hard to perfect a difficulty ramp for a puzzle game, since everyone has their own definition of hard or confusing, which leads to a thousand different options on how the levels should be organized, but I believe the developer did an excellent job on putting those levels in manner progressing from easy to hard. The difficulty ramp is the most important part of a puzzler because without it, your users will be confused on how to complete a level. The developer also introduced items well, first teaching the user on how to use that item and then letting them experiment with it until other items are then introduced.

There was a ton of replay value for Cut the Rope, most noticeable in the shocking amount of level, one hundred and the developer says that there is more to come in future updates. I’m very excited about that; when you have a developer devoted to his game, constantly supplying it with new updates, then there is a happy fan-base and simply-put and overall more enjoyable, entertaining game. There were also in-game achievements, established with Crystal SDK that will be sure to challenge you to collect all of them.

In conclusion, Cut the Rope is a must buy for any iPhone or iPod Touch user, it’s appealing to all ages and will be great fun for everyone. The difficulty was perfect, every level seemed you unique and could be solved differently, while maintenance an entertaining game. The difficulty ramp worked perfectly as the introduction of new items or as the levels required more problem solving, continuously made the game more challenging. The art was amazing and was cute and cartoony. As I mentioned earlier, Om Nom is probably the cutest character that I’ve ever seen, especially with all his little emotes displayed throughout the game, when he’s not eating a piece of candy or sobbing over the lose of one (though those are equally cute). Also, the sound was amazing as it went well with the art; sound effects were also enjoyable too. In addition, there was ton of replay value, whether it was the sheer length of the game, or the in-game achievements. All in all, Cut the Rope is a game that is literally impossible to put down, or at least you’ll do anything to continue playing it, it’s a must buy game!

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