Intergalactic Rumble

Share [Play Intergalactic Rumble] Game Description: Inspired by my favorite game “Death vs Monstars”. I just added more levels, more weapons, more upgrades, more special attacks and achievements. Join Lirpa as he takes his revenge on enemies who ravaged his planet. Take them down one planet after another. Let them feel your wrath!

Intergalactic Rumble is game based off of, the developer’s favorite game, Death vs Monstars, which premiered about one and a half years ago on several websites. Obviously the game acts very much like Death vs Monstars and does include its “unique control system” which I absolutely cannot get a grip of no matter what I do and I know this probably affects other people as well. Actually, the control system is one of the main difficulty factors in my mind, which halted my progress in the game for the longest time; the control system displayed in Intergalactic Rumble, is definitely one of the toughest to grasp in its genre, but at the same time, it makes the game seem more frantic, more action-packed and overall more exciting, since you’re constantly maneuvering and evading enemy attacks with the unique control scheme in place. The enemies reminded me of Death vs Monstars (probably because this game could pass as Death vs Monstars 2) and made you focus entirely on the game because of their quick movement and bullets. Another thing worth discussing is the Intergalactic Crystals, they disappeared so quickly on the map and the amount of enemies didn’t help either and collecting a bountiful supply of crystals was definitely a challenge, but I would have liked to see the time extended a bit, seeing more than half of your collection of crystals disappear on the map feel more of a failure on your part, for not collecting them, then seeming more of a challenge. Overall the difficulty was fair and challenged the user, but the control scheme is too unique and makes it hard for an user to just jump into the game and enjoy it without first mastering the controls.

Intergalactic Rumble in my opinion was far too much like Death vs Monstars. Usually I don’t have a problem with games that copy another, but only if they add something new to the game, make it unique and add a spin to it, but considering I literally thought the game was by the same developer as Death vs Monstars then there is a problem. For all I know the developer of Intergalactic Rumble could have ripped the FLA (though the conversion of a SWF) from Death vs Monstars and then added a couple new features. Now, I’m not suggestion that the developer actually did that, but it could be interpreted as that, whereas the developer of Intergalactic Rumble only added a couple new features. Here’s the “too long didn’t read version,” the developer should have added more to make it original and maybe add a spin to it, instead of the “I’ve played this before” feeling.

Intergalactic Rumble

A great feature of Intergalactic Rumble was the graphics. They strongly reminded me of Death vs Monstars, (who would have guessed, I know!) which also showed some talent in the art department, with its cute and cartoony, comic-like art that truly brought the game to life portrayed with strong, bold colors and design. All of the designs were equally beautiful and created a neat environment for the game.

I especially liked the background music, it was dramatic and made the game feel even more frantic, but overall worked extremely well with the game. One of the best things about the sound, or should I say, background music was the transition between the map (where you fight the enemies) and the upgrade menu. I love it when you have one music here and another there to compliment the type of environment you are currently hosted in. The sound effects were superb and worked well with the background music, which is rare. Sound effects always add another dimension of realism and the sound effects in Intergalactic Rumble delivered.

The difficulty ramp was pretty fair, as in early levels it taught you the basic (although I would have liked to have seen a short tutorial of some sort to get you accustomed to the game it’s unique control system.) and then more advanced level progressed you in your skill and matched you up against more and more difficulty enemies that further challenged you. I think that part of the difficulty ramp may as well be the controls, they’re so unique and non-universal that it’s going to take you a couple of stages to actually master them.

Intergalactic Rumble definitely had a ton of replay value if you were interested in the game. Such examples would be the awards that you can earn in-game. The awards menu displayed twenty awards, most of which could be earned in survival mode for doing various task, example would be surviving a set amount of time, killing a certain number of enemies or more and defeating bosses. There was also survival mode, which was interesting and fun (gosh, I earned at least five medal my first run through survival mode!)! There was also a leader board for survival mode. Overall, there was a ton of replay value, that should interest you if you liked the game.

In conclusion, Intergalactic Rumble was an epic game, and all Death vs Monstars fans should rejoice as one of their favorite games it remade, but with a couple new features that will definitely interest them. The difficulty was perfect, each level challenging the player and providing an unique experience in each level. The difficulty ramp worked perfectly, but I would have minded a short tutorial for the people that have not experienced the Death vs Monstars control scheme, which is pretty non-universal/ general and could confuse users early on in the game. The graphics were beautiful and I loved the cartoony style displayed. The background music was amazing, which complimented the game itself, defined with its fast-paced gameplay. Sound effects were also wonderful! The replay value was tremendous simply because there was so much to do and earn even after completing the game, such as the several achievements earn-able through survival mode or the leader boards. Overall, Intergalactic Rumble was an awesome game and if you get the chance to play it, please do, especially if you’re a Death vs Monstars fan! [Play Intergalactic Rumble]