Madness: Premeditation

[Play Madness Premeditation] Game Description: Plan Hank’s moves carefully in space AND TIME! This is an action PUZZLE game – each level will take a few tries, especially the bosses! | In this unique puzzler your goal is to premeditate your movement, in the first phrase of the puzzler and then decide on how you are going to go about taking care of the “baddies”! Madness: Premeditation is completely controlled with the arrow (or WASD) and mouse button and is user-friendly.

When this game quote said “each level will take a few tries, especially the bosses!” I didn’t take that too seriously at first “ha-ha, I completed the first couple of level, mwhahaha” but later, I soon learned that you have to take this seriously, not because the levels are difficult, but because they are unpredictable. You see an odd switch on the ground, automatically you assume that it is an explosive device or something of that sort, so you decide to jump over it, you hit “Action” and what does it turn out to be? A giant flamethrower, with a dead “madness” character next to it. That’s a classic example of bad level design, or probably just bad instructions that made it way too unclear to understand how the items in Madness Premeditated work. Another example of bad level design is the enemy movement, I guarantee you that you will never, never, never complete a level on your first try, just because you never know where the enemy characters are going to go. It really doesn’t make you feel that you’ve achieved anything if your constantly dying on a level because its way to unpredictable and even if you do complete that level is that any incentive to continue, no! The puzzles themselves were interesting (though I’m not exactly sure how they are considered puzzlers, when your blasting enemies in the face with your handguns and grenades) but the real puzzles themselves, were no knowing how the game was going to react to every little thing (for example the items “What does that do? Oh, shoot I died!” or not knowing how the enemies were going to behave.). Overall, there was just cruel level design that made it hard to predict what items enemies did or moved, which made the game frustrating.

Madness Premeditation had an excellent concept and idea. I actually, do not believe, that I have seen this idea, so it’s pretty new to me and I love it! The idea of letting the user pick how they move and then pick how they shoot and then watching those two, kind of clips overall, to me, that was beautiful. It took a while to grasp the concept, but once I figured it out, I was more impressed than I had imagined the game to run, before I completed the first level. The only one thing that I didn’t like about the gameplay was that I had three seconds to make up my mind on what I had to do (movement wise) and that made the game very limited on how long the level could be, limited the ability on the unique ways on how to complete level, time restrictions, practically ruin any game, that isn’t a racer. Besides time restraints make the game seem to urge you through, or simply make the game more difficult for no exact reason. One of the best parts of Madness Premeditation and this may seem silly, is that the game allowed you to use the WASD or Arrow keys, I seen far too many shooters (even though this game is specified as a shooter by the developer) that only allow movement by the WASD keys and leaves out all of the arrow key default users (even though I am quite ambidextrous) which is a major flaw in any game, but instead Madness Premeditation allowed users, who are default arrow keys or the default WASD keys.

Madness: Premeditation

The visuals were beautiful, all the color blended so perfectly together and created a scene like no other. A scene of chaos, and confusing rocking the streets of a city. The city-disaster scene was perfectly portrayed and made me feel as though I was there. I really do love the simple, bold colors that the artist used, I hope to see more from him/her in the future, because it is truly amazing art!

The background music was amazing and set the assassin, city, action-packed tone for Madness Premeditation. The music reminds me of the games by Weasel, known for his ever-so-popular series “Thing-Thing” and the “Thing-Thing Arena” series, whereas it was also action-packed, heart-racing and worked well with the game. The sound effects were not a strong point for the game, whereas they were drowned out by the music. Either way all of the sounds fit perfectly with the game and set the mood for the game.

The difficulty ramp was executed perfectly and allowed the user to ease into the game as the amount or the difficulty of the enemies increased. For example level one started you off with one enemy and level two included three enemies. Each level progressively becoming more and more difficult and puzzling. One of the best things about a perfectly executed difficulty ramp is that you’re sure not to lose your users half way through, just because they can’t complete a level because it is too difficult, whereas in this case the difficulty ramp allowed you to ease into the game and become more advanced and more onto tougher levels, whereas you are more likely to continue.

There was some definite replay value, If I remember correctly I earned an achievement for blowing a robot up with a grenade, but I don’t see an achievement wall, where you can view your achievement (Hey, I could be going crazy about the whole achievement thing, I don’t know!) so, that seems to be a sort of flaw. If there is achievements and I’m not insane, then there is replay value, I don’t know how many achievements there is, but there is some replay value. Either way, there was definitely some replay value in the High-Scores table that allowed users to compete in some friendly competition for first place! EDIT: I confirmed that I am not insane (whoo! What a relief!) and that over on Newgrounds there is several medals to be earned, only accessible on, although the achievements can be earned on other sites that are hosting Madness: Premeditation. [Play Madness Premeditation on Newgrounds.]

All in all, Madness Premeditation had a terrific concept, but I felt it had been executed better. There were a couple of what I would call major problems with the gameplay, such as the unpredictability of levels and also enemies. The timer itself annoyed me deeply, so there were a couple of major problems, but like I said it could have been executed better. I liked the fact that you could use both arrow and WASD keys to move and control your character. The art was terrific and portrayed a run-down, possibly post-apocalyptic scene that worked perfectly with the idea and concept of the game and made yo feel as though you were there in the game. The music was amazing and set a action-packed, heart-racing mood for the game. The difficulty ramp worked perfectly and allowed the user to ease into the game and become more advanced. There was some definite replay value, because there were several achievement, but there was no actual way to view these achievement, therefore there was no sense of achievement. All in all, Madness Premeditation was an amazing game, but a little more work could be done to make it even better and I hope to see a couple updates in the future. [Play Madness Premeditation]