Robot Wants Ice Cream

[Play Robot Wants Ice Cream] Game Description: In this epic finale to the Robot Wants series, Robot and Puppy are heading to Happy Ice Cream Planet for a treat. When they arrive, things are not as they had hoped! | Oh, man what can I say about this series so far, insane is all I can call it as we’ve watched Robot’s obsession with everything from kittens to ice cream become full-fledged, puzzling adventure games, with a unique and strong storyline, unlike any other. In this episode, “Mr. Mittens” in gone and now your robo-dog sidekick is by your side in attempts to help you collect your delicious ice cream treat!

This was a game unlike the previous episodes, there were multiple boss fights within the first few minute of play, consisting of simple attack and low health points, but still retaining the boss feel to them. Because the actually large number of boss battles existing in RWIC (You don’t mind if I abbreviate it to that do you? You don’t? Great.) non of them actually head a real difficulty factor, considering that you practically had infinite health points (or the fact that they didn’t really matter) because once you die, you respond right next to the boss and it has the same amount of health points as you last fought it. Right there I saw that as a small flaw the difficulty right there, for one by creating that opportunity for people to come back to a boss with minimum health points (from when you last fought that boss), it allows them to fight the boss in increments of different heaths points. (Note that this only works when you respond next to the boss.) The enemies were taken care of like a knife through butter, because of the plasma bolt upgrade I was carrying around a giant shotgun for most of the game, especially early on, which eliminated most of my enemies in a single burst of the good old plasma bolts. Overall, the difficulty was questionable, it wax simply an easy game, though that didn’t cut the fun factor in any way, considering most of the time you weren’t aiming on beating enemies, but instead you were keeping your eyes peeled for the tasty ice cream treat!

A confusing part about RWIC early on was the robo-dog that accompanied you, at first I believed that you cannot leave robo-dog behind, but later I learned that you could and then he would re-appear by your side, if he fell off the screen, that created some confusing early on whether you could leave him behind or not. Overall, the game focused on you finding upgrades, that allowed you to pass onto more advanced section of the game, such as collecting the “increase double jump height” bonuses or the “flying” bonuses that insured that you had the proper upgrades in order to complete the following scenarios.

Not to bash the series here, but has anyone else realize that it’s the same game over and over, but just with a different objective, heck, the game is fun and enjoyable, but I haven’t seen a ton of progress produced within the saga. All I’m saying, is try to differentiate one game from another; Robot Wants Fishy came out August 24, 210, Robot Wants Ice Cream came out today (September 24, 210) approximately one month later and I’m not seeing the significant progress I wish to see with a saga like this. From the untrained eye, it can look like the developer is doing all of this for money, hey, he could be, but I’d like to think, that he was simply rushing the game too much and didn’t make the game significantly different from the rest of the series. Take the legendary Super Mario saga, every game, they come out with exciting new features, which is what I’m arguing, is that the “Robot Wants…” series has failed to produce that. Overall, I wish to see the developer work on the small, new features more than the same concept over and over.

Robot Wants Ice Cream

The art was phenomenal and as always, portrayed a retro or nostalgic feel. The only game art that I could compare this to, would have to be the prequels themselves, whereas the art style is very unique and overall, beautiful. I especially liked the animation, everything came to life, robots quickly maneuvering across the screen, bullets flying in all direction, there seemed to be, that there was a lot going on and made the game seem action packed and exciting! Overall, the art was amazing, I really liked all of the detail displayed and I hope to see more later on in the artist’s career.

The background music was actually relaxing, yet action provoking and mysterious all juggled in one song, but that is only below the surface of the mysterious world you are exploring, on the surface, it’s all energy and sunshine that could wake you up in the morning faster than a ice-hold pail of water thrown at you and could make you act like the “Energizer” mascot. One thing that I’ve also found interesting about RWIC and actually of its prequels is that music changes based on your location, for example, the last “Robot Wants…” game that I play included probably around four sound tracks, all changing based on your location. RWIC is actually one of the few games that I recognize as blending background music and sound effects perfectly together, created perfect listening to a magnificent game. Overall, the sounds were wonderful created the perfect listening experience!

A difficulty ramp was impossible to obtain in this game, looking at it from its current states, with RWIC’s belief in free-roam, they, themselves deleted the entire process of a difficulty ramp. There are several things that I love about free-roam games, one I get to go practically anywhere I want, whenever I want, and two I feel that I have more control over how the game is played out. I could probably think up of a couple more, but you can grasp the concept, like it says, it “free” roam and allows you to do whatever you want, but still have a goal in mind of your current objective.

RWIC had a little bit of replay value, but nothing that I would commit to if it was up to me. There were 10 in-game achievements, most of which I can guess how they are earned, but there isn’t a lot that persuades me to collect those in-game achievements. Maybe I should be talking about how there isn’t an incentive to collect those in-game achievement, but merely my lack of understanding and uncertainty on how to collect those achievements that is discouraging me to say that there is an incentive, whereas I don’t feel the urge to collect them. Either way, there is a ton of replay value, besides my own lazy claims that there isn’t enough incentive to collect them, unless you want to.

All in all, Robot Want Ice Cream was an amazing game, that will get you hooked (but if you haven’t play the prequels, then you might just want to play those first as there is a bit of storyline associated with the other titles.) The difficulty wasn’t a strong as I had hoped it to be, whereas I felt like I was carrying an over-buffed weapon around (with a shotgun-like spread) that could tear through anything. The difficulty ramp itself was non-existent, considering it was a mainly free-roam game that allowed you to create your own path throughout the game (which I really liked!). The art itself was absolutely terrific and I love the retro look! The sound was really energizing, yet the music depends on your location throughout the map, the lower levels have a more dark mysterious tone, which, above the ground there was this fast-paced, energizing music, yet both were equally beautiful! The replay value was a strong-point for Robot Wants Ice Cream, and allowed users to have a reason to continue participating in the game. Overall, Robot Wants Ice Cream was an absolutely sublime game and I’m sure you’ll think so too, so check it out and leave a comment below with your opinion on the game! [Play Robot Wants Ice Cream]
Walkthrough by Sanitars (Xarthok on Kongregate) on Youtube.
Medal/In-game Achievement List

Mmm, Ice Cream: Get ice cream!
Rocket Robot: Get ice cream in under 20 minutes.
Mad Mad Mad Mad Robot: Get ice cream in Madcap Mode.
Pacifist Robot: Get ice cream without harming more than 20 enemies.
Roboticus Maximus: Get all upgrades.
Mekacide: Destroy 250 mekazoids.
Boss Bash: Destroy all the bosses.
Mad Boss Bash: Destroy all the bosses in Madcap Mode.
Super Duper Combo: Get a 15x Combo without the Nanoswarm’s help.
Mad Bananas: Get the bananarang.