Gil is currently in beta testing, you must be a beta tester to access this game. The password is “doublerainbowalltheway” or you can access the game here.

[Play Gil]Game Description: Gil is a nifty, little platformer in which your goal is to retrieve the light-bulbs stolen by the evil robots in order to relight the lighthouse. Take control of your character and travel through treacherous caves and deserts in order to retrieve all of the light-bulbs and save the lighthouse! Move your character with the arrow keys, using the WASD keys will kill you (“d” automatically restarts the level, hence “killing” you.)

Gil is your not-so-average platformer, because of it’s heavily influenced puzzler theme, which allowed the game to expand in any direction possible. Every level it seemed, you were introduced to a new item that effected the gameplay, and over time it became a mass a creative levels built upon several items, such as springs, switches, ect. I noticed that Gil used a concept only used by a couple of games, despite its everlasting popularity, which is when two characters are places on a screen in two different rooms, in which you control both characters at the same time, to most of the time, reach two separate exits. Instead Gil adopted the idea that this second character should be a puzzler himself, whereas he would affect your performance in the opposing screen. I’m having a bit of trouble explaining this, but take for example the caves, level six, whereas you had to focus on one room to save the guy in the other room. I really liked that take on the average idea of that focus, Gil took concept that we all new and then added a small spin to it. The enemies were a ig part of the game that influenced your decisions, not to mention that many of them were tough, especially the homing rockets, which made you cower in fear in the nearest corner, until you worked up the courage to pop out and run for it! Overall the difficulty was perfect and kept you on your toes.

The only let down of this game were the controls, users were not allowed to move with the WASD keys, while I am default arrow keys and quite ambidextrous, it just seems to me that there was a major control flaw for the default WASD people out there. The reason why there was this control flaw was because the “restart level” key was “d” which in the game translated to “die”, I feel that some other key could easily take the place of the “d” for this scenario and then the developer could add the WASD key option. Another small flaw that I noticed, (which is a flaw in my book, but not necessarily a real flaw) was that if you step and inch off the map you automatically have to restart the level, in my opinion, I want to see it changed up a bit, whereas you would help to step further off the amp, since I’m jumped off the map for a millisecond. Besides the minor control flaw, Gil, was heavily puzzle based, you might want to glance at the level a couple of times before making your first move and check the map to see if there is any duplicates of your character.

The graphics were absolutely beautiful, I loved the pixel art, (like I do all) and the simple designs that were in place that created a truly amazing scene. I really loved how simple everything was portrayed as! The only thing that I would change if I was the developer is making the lava in the caves act like it is flowing, currently, it pretty static and I would like to see some sort of animation going on to make it more lively or animated. Overall, I would have liked to see a more lively scene, but nothing over-dramatic, just things such as rushing lava or clouds; basically little features that make the scene more realistic in my mind, but as of right now the art is fantastic and I love it!

I really enjoyed the music, it reminded me of the good old days of playing Animal Crossing for the GameCube, those were the good days and for those memories to be revisited just by music is an incredible experience, not to mention that the music was simply relaxing, easy-going and was overall beautiful! One thing that I liked best about the music would have to be that the music or song changes and differs based on what location you are currently at and all of the music is beautiful. All in all, the music was alluring and beautiful and I could listen to it forever!

The difficulty ramp seemed jagged at times and was unpredictable. Take, for example, the differentiation between the last level of the forest and the first level of the desert, I personally had a tough time adjusting to the suddenly new gameplay and I would have liked to see the gravity shifts be introduced more slowly into the game to ease players into the idea and then ultimately lead up to that level and more. Either way, the difficulty ramp remained at a good tempo for most of the game, but had a few spikes here and there, but nothing that I couldn’t overcome, with a little more effort.

I didn’t notice much replay value, besides the length of the game itself. Hopefully, when Gil comes out of beta then we will see advances such as in-game achievement or some sort of leader board (both wouldn’t be half bad either!) that would bring users back to play the game again and again, making them want to achieve something besides beating the game itself, but to earn something along the way that will be some sort of incentive to beat the game or go beyond it. I’m hoping to see this game uploaded onto Kongregate, whereas I believe with some many options the developer will add the Kongregate API and hopefully create somewhat of a small community with competing scores. Overall, there is a ton of room for improvement in the field of replay-ability and I hope to see this game grow and evolve in that department to encourage users to come back.

All in all, Gil was a completely amazing, pulchritudinous game that you’ll love if you’re into puzzles and platformer fun! This was a game that was heavily influenced by a puzzle theme, that’ll make you think before you make a move on any level! The best part of this game is that it is still in beta, which I hope to see this game even further its potential to be great. Overall, the difficulty was perfect and you didn’t come across a puzzle that was too complex or too difficult, but instead all of the levels were fun, exciting and interesting and got me hooked and hopefully you too! The only major flaw that I noticed in this game was that it wax impossible to use the WASD keys and I’m sure a few people will find the game, then, impossible to play. One of my favorite part about Gil was the art, it was simply beautiful and retro (pixelated) looking, which I always love to see utilized. The sound was magnificent and was relaxing, most of all it reminded me of Animal Crossing, which I absolutely adore. The difficulty ramp seemed a bit off a times, but overall it was fairly good and allowed the user to ease into the game, but there were a few bumps in the road. The replay factor wasn’t as strong as I had hoped for, but I can only imagine that the developer will try to fix that in the near future, with incentives such as scoreboards or in-game achievements. All in all, Gil was an amazing game and is currently in beta, but you can get in with the code: “doublerainbowalltheway“, so if you have the time, be sure to play Gil and maybe give some feedback to the developers. [Play Gil]