[Play PC.Defense] Game Description: PC.Defence is a strategy game with an exciting pixel art graphics combining classical tower defense gameplay with inconvenient story line. Evil viruses are coming out from U.S.B stick to destroy your hardware. Protect the central processor using your savvy and upgradeable anti-virus software at your disposal. Six different anti-viruses with 4 upgrades each and special boosters are available to help you to achieve your goal. But take care! It’s only a 64 bits processing unit and every virus destroys one bit if it slips through!

This is an almost endless defense game (in other words there were a ton of waves for each level!) that is based on how long you can survive against hordes of viruses that swarm your base, or central processor. In PC.Defense, you are allowed to choose your own difficulty, but at first encounter with the game you must start with easy mode and then advance onto the more difficult levels and modes. Easy mode starts you off with some of the weakest enemies, but soon you advance onto more advance enemies, but still nothing that you should have too much of a trouble with! After completing the easy mode you move onto different level, participants of medium and hard mode. The only small flaw I saw in how this game’s difficult was set up, in terms of having to advance onto  or advance levels, is that fact that you cannot transfer these game files onto a different computer. I wouldn’t be complaining about this, if the first level was fifty or so waves, but because it is, I really would see myself use another computer to complete this game, if in fact I necessarily had to. Overall, the difficulty was great, it kept you on edge and made you focus on upgrading your anti-virus arsenal for the oncoming waves.

During the game, I could not stop thinking about how long the levels were! It’s not that I don’t like the game, it’s excellent, but the fact that, the game portrays this feeling that the levels needed to be that length to make up for the lack of levels made it feel cheap and too minigame-ish for my liking. I would have liked to see a cluster of levels in the easy mode, another cluster for the medium mode and finally another cluster of levels for the hard mode, whereas there could possibly be up to 5-10 levels per mode. I would have minded for the levels to be longer in that scenario, whereas there were a larger collection of levels, but in its current states, the game feel cheap, like I previously said. I would compare the game to Mushroom Revolution, whereas you better be prepared to play for a while before getting past level one (no offense to either groups)!


The graphics were insanely beautiful and the pixel art was mind-blowing. I love the idea that you are defending inside of a computer and it looks so, how do I put this, “computery”. Heck, I don’t know what the inside of a computer looks like, but I can imagine that it looks somewhat similar to what is portrayed in PC.Defense and I believe PC.Defense has nailed t perfectly, at least from my perspective of someone who has only seen a couple glimpses of the inside of a computer. The computer theme to me, just gave the game an odd, realistic value to it, even though it isn’t meant to be portrayed in that manner, but the idea itself could be counted for this sort of realistic, every day scene.

PC.Defense is a game that definitely focused on its sound effects. In my opinion, I love sound effects and when I see a game utilize them perfectly it can be truly amazing, but this was not the case in PC.Defense. Instead the sound effects (in my opinion of course) were annoying and seemed loud and screechy and with multiple anti-virus guns going off, it wasn’t close to anything harmonious. I’ve seen this to be an issue in many of the tower defense games, whereas developers feel the need to focus on sound effects, which is terrific, but instead they utilize them incorrectly and the users will be sure to turn down the volume on their headsets or computer. If I was a developer, I would mainly focus on less screechy sounds, or many scratch that idea and replace it with some sort of music, either way, the screechy annoying sound effects have to go!

The difficulty ramp was hard to determine, you could say it was perfect, which it practically was, but I don’t know if you can truly base that off of three levels, as I explained earlier, I would have liked to see more levels incorporated. As of right now, the difficulty ramp is flawless, but there isn’t much to say about it, since it’s hard to mess up a three level game (I’m always looking for flaws to exploit aren’t I?). Either way, you can’t argue that those three levels exhibited were in a perfect difficulty ramp, whereas the user could be introduced to the game in the first level and then gain more confidence going into the following levels as they are more acquainted with the game.

Replay value was one of the strongest points of this game. There were eight-teen achievements total, which should probably be earned between the time that you start the game with the easiest mode, to the hardest mode. I would have actually liked to see those achievements be a little more unique or difficulty, but atlas the game appeared to be more of a minigame, based more on scoring higher than the next guy over than actually focusing on the gameplay. Besides those easy achievements, there was also a highscore board, courtesy of Mochi, which allowed users to compete against one another with online scores produced from each level. In addition, there was also the Kongregate API established, whereas users to also compete with their scores in a little friendly competition. So, overall there was a ton of replay value and you’ll be back if you liked the game!

All in all, PC.Defense was an absolutely amazing, sublime game that all tower defense geeks will love! The difficulty was pulled off perfectly and the same goes for the difficulty ramp. I would have loved to see more levels though, there being only three levels, it was exactly as much as a complete, full-fledged game as it was to be portrayed as a minigame. In my opinion, I would have loved to see up to ten levels per mode, then I would be obliged to consider it a complete game. I really enjoyed the graphics, I loved the pixel graphics along with the idea itself, of fighting viruses off with your anti-virus arsenal. The sounds got annoying after a while and I believe the developer should inherit or replace the current sound effects, with something less scratchy and screechy or completely replace the game with some background music. The replay value was tremendous, especially with all of the achievements and online scores boards, the replay value was endless with different opportunities. Overall, you’ll definitely need to give PC.Defense a try and then leave a reply below about what you think about the game! [Play PC.Defense]