[Play Visible] Game Description: What you may not see can certainly still kill you.| Take control of a stealthy, assassin-like character on your journey to complete the campaign missions in this platform puzzler. This game will not only your perception of the normal platformer, but will also challenge you with objects that are not necessarily there, but in a reflection or interpretation of your world.

This is a game based entirely on platform, puzzler theme, whereas you must focus on both interpretation of your world, based on a mirror-like effect, that is altered from it original form, to not only challenge your with one world, but two unique individual worlds. While this game was also based on a platformer world and concept, what really stood out to me was the puzzler contribution, which isn’t necessarily unique to the genre, but “Visible” almost made it seem that way, where the rooms were symmetrical (not all of the rooms) but included items that you had to avoid and maneuver around. The levels overall focused on a puzzler theme, but also relied on their platformer concept to make the game more difficulty and intricate. The levels overall were quite difficult, but that was produced by me not paying attention to the reflected level on the bottom of the screen. See, the game relies heavily on the reflected screen to make it more difficulty, with out the reflected screen I seriously doubt the game would be as difficulty nor would it be as fun and puzzling, so you better pay attention to the bottom screen, or you’ll end up dead and surprised as how.

Visible is a game that made you focus on the small details and you always thought twice and glanced at the reflected room before making a move. I’ve caught myself not glancing at that second room a couple of times, and it has always lead to my death/downfall. Because of that second room it add a puzzle factor, would I say that, if that second room did not exist that there would be no puzzle factor at all? The answer, is yes, there would be absolutely no puzzle factor at all without that second room, that you always had to check before moving and search for the differences between the two rooms. Besides that, a couple of awesome things that I think the developer did to improve the game, was adopting the arrow and WASD controls, you wouldn’t believe how many people forget that and then make the arrow default people suffer (though I am ambidextrous).


I really loved the graphics for this game; they were pulchritudinous and held a realistic value to them, especially the stealthy game character himself, which looked like it could be featured in a Xbox game, or some professional development team/project. If I could change anything about this game, it would be the walls, they were too simple and the city background just made it feel cheesy, but only due to the walls not looking realistic enough to fit with the background (beautiful background by the way). The items themselves were beautifully crafted, but once again the simple walls almost ruined them. Overall graphics were pulchritudinous, but the walls have to be replaced with something more sky-like where it would fit in more, or at least have support beams, anything to get rid of that slightly unrealistic value to the game, whereas everything else had a realistic concept to it.

Sound was amazing and fit right in with the assassin feel (portrayed by the character) and was intense, but the game failed to deliver any sound effects, at least from what I can tell there were none, but I guess it’s up to the developer if they want to emphasize on music or on sound effects, so I can’t blame the developer when you have such terrific music to rid sound effects that could blare over the background music (really, in most cases, it’s one or the other, sound effects or background music, and rarely have I seen a game introduce both and pull it off perfectly or even on a standard, good level.)

Another terrific thing that this game pulled off was the difficulty ramp, which was perfectly executed and allowed new users to ease into the game without difficulty and then progress and reach more advanced levels over the course of the campaign. I’ve seen some games that just dump their users in the middle of a tough level (as the first level) and obviously those are the games that frustrate people, force them to quit and overall dislike the game, since you have to learn how to play the game before playing it. Overall the difficulty ramp was perfect, it let the users be introduced to the game and over the course of time become better at the game and reach more complex levels.

The replay value was tremendous in my opinion, there were achievements, there were level builders and creators, featured, was also user submitted levels, there was a gauntlet and overall, replay value to the game and campaign itself. With so many features, it hard to argue that there isn’t replay value, you’ll be back for this game if you liked the campaign for sure! The level builder itself was awesome and allowed room for creativity, which also allowed you to share your levels with others and show off your levels. The gauntlet was tough and you’ll definitely want to complete the campaign before attempting the gauntlet to get familiarized with Visible. Overall, the replay value for this game was terrific and it’ll be awesome for everyone that enjoyed the game and wants to come back for a seconds.

All in all, Visible was an absolutely amazing game, that included a unique puzzler, platformer theme. The graphics were excellent, such as the character and the items, which looks professional and well animated beautifully. The only thing in my opinion, that made the game less visually appealing, were the walls, because they were far too simple for the intricate designs and backgrounds to fit in with the rest of the scene. The background music fit in perfectly with the whole stealthy assassin concept and the background music was also energizing and exciting. The difficulty ramp was perfect and allowed the users to ease into the game. The replay value was amazing, considering there was so much to do, build levels, share the levels, achievements, a gauntlet and the obviously the campaign are going to make you want to come back for more. Overall, Visible was absolutely amazing in so many ways and if you have a couple of minutes, then you should check out Visible a free online game, on Kongregate! [Play Visible]