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[Play Flock Together]Game Description: Your friend has taken off into the sky, and now it’s time to retrieve him. Tether birds and find your way into the sky. Sell your birds for more ropes, and more birds to travel higher and further. | Your goal in this stressless adventure game is to save your friend (as depicted to the left) that has floated off into the sky above, take control of crows and seagulls in your journey to save him (her?) by reaching 100 feet above the vast sea below. Control your character with the arrow or WASD keys in-game.

Flock Together was an extremely relaxing game, besides the occasional “oh, there’s a really, really rare bird, get him!” moment. Aside from that the game was stress free, and overall was based more on a story (sort of like the art games, example “Loved” “Company of Myself” ect.) than the actual gameplay. The game consisted of the you simply collecting birds as you must soar 100 feet into the air in order to save you lost friend, tethered to a balloon, avast in the bed of clouds above. This was obviously not a game that was focused on difficult (heck, you couldn’t die, I don’t believe, or at least I never came close to death to even pronounce this game as having any whatsoever, clear, difficulty) but instead giving depth on a simple storyline and idea, which worked amazingly well.

As I described it, “Flock Together” is an art game (in my opinion), which you could interpret several ways, for one you could be straight-forward and say “it’s a friggin’ cow tethered to a balloon, that probably couldn’t hold the weight of a semi and then I have to give chase to it?” or you could put a little more thought into and think of something more or less logical, but in my conclusion or interpretation I came to assumption that it could relate to real life events or problem, such as losing a friend or close one and then doing anything in your power to get them back, no matter what the odds.

Flock Together

The graphics in my opinion were absolutely stunning! I loved the simple designs and the how the artist pulled off the art in such few colors. I also love the vectorized feel, which made a cartoony feel to it. For some reason, simple designs and colors, mixed with swirls blow my mind away, I love it. Overall the graphics were amazing!

The background music was beautiful and went hand-in-hand with the game idea and concepts. Most importantly it was relaxing and went with the “art” game idea. There were actually no sound effects, but the music made up for it with it’s relaxing nature. The music was by no means annoying or repetitive, it was to calming to be any of those; I could listen to this music all day and not be irritated whatsoever. One thing that I liked about the music, or maybe this idea could be placed under sound effects, but either, or, the wave sound effects as they crashed onto the beach seemed to add a ton to the the game and set up the mood for the game itself and constantly reminded you that you were above the vast sea.

This game in no way included any difficulty ramp, for example I completed my first game in about 10-15 minutes, but in my second attempt I completed it in around 2-5 minutes, that concluded, I can easy assume and prove in fact, that Flock Together does not include any sort of difficulty ramp. I actually liked this short game, it changed it up a bit from long, grinding games, which I’ve recently seen and played (not like that’s a bad thing). With this simple design and concept so far in Flock Together, I do not see how the developer could add a difficulty ramp, obviously you could dramatically alter the game, but not in the current form could you add a difficulty ramp.

The replay value of this game wasn’t extremely high, nor was it Flock Together’s strong point. The game was just to simple and short to have any replay value. Obviously when you have a game this short, you can honestly believe that people are going to view this game as something that they’d want to replay multiple times, that’s the sad truth, but another truth is that this is a game that will stick in your mind for a while, you are going to remember it and think about it’s ideas and concepts. Only great games stick in my head and I’m proud to say that this is going to be one of them.

All in all, Flock Together was an excellent game and reminded me or some amazing art games that come to my mind, when I think of art games and this was one of them. The difficulty wasn’t extremely apparent, since it was literally impossible to loose in any way, but instead the game relied more on story-telling and wanted you to learn more and think more about the game instead of focusing on stopping the user. The visuals were terrific and I adored the vectorized feel to it which added a cartoony atmosphere. I also admired the sounds, which create a feel for the game and adds to the art idea. The difficulty ramp wasn’t apparent, simply because it was a free-roam game and didn’t require and goals for you to complete, but instead allowed the user to learn about the game, without being hesitated by the game increasing in difficulty; in the game’s current form, it is almost impossible to add a difficulty ramp. The replay factor wasn’t too high, considering it was a 10-15 minute game, but but there was highscore boards, which is only, currently available on armorgames.com. Overall, Flock Together was absolutely amazing, and if you have a couple of minutes, you’ll want to be playing Flock Together for sure! [Play Flock Together]