[Play GunBot] Game Description: Shoot a lot of stuff and get stronger by getting more guns, shields and skills! | Take control of your robot hero and save the universe from a man that can self-combust, named “Grankomeau”. Buy new, tough guns to obliterate your enemies from the in-game shop! Beat down multiple enemies and collect items to help complete the game and collect the purple stone and lizard artifact (literally that’s what it’s called in the intro.) Control your character with the arrow or WASD keys, use the mouse to fire your gun.

This game is purely skill-based, (hey, what gun games isn’t!) but overall wasn’t that tough, except for the occasional swarm of enemies, whereas you need to pick them off quickly before they fire too many bullets in your direction. The enemy Lizard Men AI (artificial intelligence) didn’t appear to be too intellegent, whereas most of them didn’t attempt to attack you unless you were literally right in front of them or bumped into them. I believe that their AI could be improved a tad to make the game more difficult and a little more appealing, because for the first few levels I got through everything fine and never felt a challenge until later levels, but that for platform games like these you want to make your game have a fun factor (totally opinion based of course) right away or a difficulty factor right off the bat, so when I didn’t see that the game portrayed itself as boring to me. Later in the game, though, it became more interesting, there were new enemies, there was more difficulty, I purchased different weapons, there was a lot of content and the game was satisfying, innovating, and unique.

One of the things I loved about this game, loved, love, loved, I can’t stress it enough was the arrow key option, you don’t know how many only WASD key games I’ve gone through, I’ve practically become ambidextrous! I’ve noticed that most gun games have, only, the option to control your character with the WASD keys and that really annoyed me after a while. Take “The Final Death Wish” for example, if you are used to using the arrow keys then your are skrewed or take “Spewer” as another example (when it first came out it only had a WASD option), that was literally the game where I became ambidextrous. Overall, it’s just a really awesome feature to have and without it, I honestly would not be writing this review and I’d probably rage-quit “GunBot” and would never return.


The art was one of my favorite parts of the game and I believe it was create by the same artist(s) who made the captivating art displayed in”Toss the Turtle”. “Toss the Turtle” is really the closest idea that I can give you to as how the graphics look and are portrayed in GunBot. One thing that make these graphics (or artist) one of my favorite styles is that they rely on bold colors and has very little contrast, but appears complex. Take the Lizard Man above for example, all I see is five (maybe more) colors, but it still appears to be more complicated than that in my opinion. the art is amazing in my opinion.

Sound were pulchritudinous; absolutely lovely. I admired the background music, it was lively, electrify and made me  get in the mood to kill some strange scaly creatures! The background music seemed to be capitalized upon and was utilized perfectly, though I’m not sure how well the sound effects were used. In my opinion, I think the developer could have taken advantage of adding sound effects to add a little bit more realistic effect.

The difficulty ramp was perfect in my opinion and was well thought out. “GunBot” introduced new enemies in a well thought-out flow, started with Lizard Men and then moving onto these buggers that follow you around (nasty little thing) and then proceeds to introduce more enemies throughout the game. The difficulty ramp allowed new users to (at a good pace) ease into the game and get sorted with the controls and the ideas of the game. The levels proceeded in chronological order, proceeding with the easier levels (of course) and moved on to move difficult and complex levels. All in all, the difficulty ramp was flawless and provided an easy way for people to learn the game and then encourage them to continue playing as the game becomes progressively more difficult.

One thing that I feel this game did an excellent job on (like the rest of the game) was the replay value of the game, there was several achievements (eight-teen actually). I am definitely going to come back and achieve all of these in-game achievements/badges just for the fun of it. Replay value also resides on the game being fun itself, hence the reason why you would come back to the game to play it again, I found the game fun and of courseif there is achievements you’re going to come back again. I’ve noticed that there is no scoreboard or high-score results, I would love to see something along those lines capitalized upon. I would love to the see the developer add a scoreboard or at least the Kongregate API for “kongregators” to challenge one another with scores. Overall, I thought that the replay value was perfect and will bring you back if you liked the game.

In conclusion, GunBot was beautiful with every factor to it. I thought the difficulty was perfect, but failed to provide much excitement, nor did it (early on) provide any difficulty. When I first started playing GunBot, I thought it was boring, I breezed through the first, several levels and had thought that it was going to be too easy of a game and would end up providing no difficulty whatsoever. Although in later levels I had realized the game was becoming more difficulty, but I would have loved to see the game start-up and become more difficulty sooner on. One of the best things about this game was that it had arrow key option (and a WASD key option) it means a lot for me, because I’m used to the arrow keys and most shooter games only provide WASD  options (I have no idea why!) but this game allowed me to play a shooter game and not worry about if I can easily control me character. The visuals were pulchritudinous, I loved the whole style of them and I believe they were made by the same artist of the popular game “Toss the Turtle” though I am not positive, but the style itself seems to match. Sounds were awesome, I loved the background music and it flow and energy it produced, but I believed the developer could have used more sound effects to give a more realistic effect. The difficulty ramp was excellent and allowed users to ease into the game. The replay value was awesome and definitely made me come back and collect all of the achievements and collect all of the weapons. All in all, GunBot was prodigious and if you have the time, you’ll be smart to spend it playing GunBot! [Play GunBot]