Smiley Showdown

[Play Smiley Showdown] Game Description: A fun chain reaction game where you get to blow up thousands of smileys! | Your goal in this addictive-action, chain-reaction game is to blow-up as many smileys as possible each level. Releasing the mouse will allow  to fire your smiley “bullets” in four directions, upon hitting another smiley, it will burst into four new bullets, spraying in four directions.

This is a game that appeared to be luck based on many occasions, it almost impossible to plan out a strategy for a game like this, whereas everything is completely random, in terms of where smileys are going to appear. In my case, I dislike luck based games, it seems like every level, in any luck based game can be harder or worse/more difficult, based on how lucky you are, that in turn means that it is impossible to build a difficulty ramp and that most of these “luck based” games turn out to be “mini-games” since it practically, impractical to build any sort of difficulty system without greatly disturbing the gameplay. The difficulty of Smiley Showdown slightly disappointed me; sure you could blame it on the fact that it was a mini-game, but in reality, I think the developer didn’t make the game as difficult as it could be, whereas people would still enjoy it. I noticed an ongoing trend when I was playing the game, as levels consistently became more and more complex, new enemies were arriving, that was all awesome and terrific, but then the game suddenly ended, level 30. If the game kept on going, I think we could have seen more of a difficulty ramp forming and overall, in my opinion, a more enjoyable game to play.

This game never really portrayed, nor assured you that there was a reason to continue playing. I get it, it’s a mini-game, but even most mini-games have a small storyline to go along with the game; this game on the other hand, possessed no storyline, no incentive to continue playing, nothing! I would have enjoyed to see something, even if it’s a short paragraph describing some sort of storyline that revolves around the game. Because the game did not include something to connect the player to the game, overall it felt almost pointless playing it, for one, I had no idea what was happening, or why, which left a hole in this game, only being able to be mending by something connecting the player to the game.

Smiley Showdown

Graphics were awesome; absolutely terrific! The visuals were actually quite simple, they weren’t over-complex and were easy on the eyes. One thing that surprised me about this game, was the use of gradients, most games that use gradients, you blind-fold yourself and see how you can play without looking at the gradients, since they’re so terrible and ugly, but this game, Smiley Showdown utilized them perfectly. The smiley graphics were perfect too, and were simple, absolutely lovely graphics overall.

Sound effects were lacking, but the background music was beautiful and inspiring! You know when music is good, when you relax, kick-back and listen to it for a couple of minutes, I loved the background music! As good as the background music was, the sound effects were lacking, I felt that there could have been a bit stronger sound effects, but then again it’s up to the developer, whether they want to focus on background music or sound effects, if you focus on the former of the two, you’ll want to blur out the sound effects to make it more pungent and stand out more, in my opinion, I thought the background music was excellent, the developer capitalized on that and went with the former, if you were to choose the latter of the two, you would tend to blur out your background music and would be emphasizing the small details of your game, which usually provides a more realistic effect for the user. Overall, the developer (mostfreebies) did a terrific job on the sounds.

I personal didn’t find this game to have a difficulty ramp, when you base your game around luck, you simply cannot build a game like that, with a difficulty ramp, it’s practically impossible. I think the developer did the best he could, emphasizing on such things as different enemies, with unique talents or abilities, but it just wasn’t enough to build up any real challenge. I would have liked to see this game step a little bit outside of the mini-game box (think outside the box) and build onto the game is a different manner, to allow a little more challenge and overall more fun.

This game had replay-ability if you wanted it to! For one this was in-game achievements, but I found a major flaw in them, most of the achievements were earned with your first run through the game, if this game was truly a mini-game, which I believe it is portrayed to be, there more achievements, unique ones if anything, but this game did not deliver. Most of the achievements were just grinding, whereas you had to complete a specific task several times, such as losing a game, I think the developer could add a bit more, think of more unique achievements whereas users would see more incentive to continue, but in the game’s current state, even I cannot think any in-game achievements to add, since the game is so simple.

All in all, Smiley Showdown was awesome, I loved it! The only thing that I did not like about this game that the difficulty seemed to be lacking, but overall, the game was all luck based and in turn made the game impossible to have a set difficulty ramp. I really do wish that the game included some sort of storyline, as of now, it seems aimless or pointless and provided no real reason for the user to continue for all 30 levels, as fun as the game may have been. Visuals were beautiful, I loved the simple designs and especially the gradients, which are usually hard to pull off, but in this instance, they were superb! Sounds, such as the background music were excellent, but you could argue that sound effects could use a little more work. The replay value seemed to be lacking even though there were in-game achievements in place, but they didn’t seem to add to the experience of the game, nor motivate you to actually carry-out those achievements and set them as a goal, something such as the Kongregate API or some sort of more in-depth leaderboard would have been awesome. Overall, Smiley Showdown was sublime, I loved almost everything about it and if you have a couple of minutes to spare, you should play Smiley Showdown! [Play Smiley Showdown]

Achievement Walkthrough:
Smiley’s Found: All of these achievements are earned by meeting new smileys.
Combo Achievements: These achievements are earned by hitting the specified smileys during the initial shot.
Score Achievements: These achievements are earned by gaining higher scores in Smiley Showdown.
Smiley’s Smashed: All of these achievements are earned by destroying smileys.
Combo Multiplier: These achievements are earned by gaining combos in Smiley Showdown.
Game Loss Achievements: These achievements are earned by losing games in Smiley Showdown.
Game Complete Achievements: These achievements are earned by completing the game multiple times.