[Play 5xMan] Game Description: Help your team of 5 to find their way out! Use strategy and speed to hit all the switches and collect as many coins as possible before time runs out! | Your goal is to use each of the five guys or men to reach the end of the stage, by using each character at a different phrase in the stage. Make as far as you can in each stage and collect coins to score big!

This game works out much like the smash-hit game, Chronotron. You control five characters (unlike Chronotron) and use each one for different functions in the game, for your character to proceed, while other characters are on switches, buttons and other effects to alter the playing-field to your new character (like Chronotron) to progress through each stage (like Chronotron). Your aim is to make your way through the several stages of a level, in order to moved onto more intricate and complex levels throughout the game itself. The earlier stages (in levels such as the easy rooms or other rooms) are made easy and require you to only think out a couple steps of what you need to do, while the difficulty progresses throughout the game and more step are required. Later levels desire you to work with your clones (I think I can call them “clones”.) with multiple function in a level, for example a level might require you to have one character holding down a switch and another on, another switch, whereas you would not be able to complete the level, without your former selves interfering with the level. If you’ve had experience with Chronotron, recollect your skills and play 5xMan!

5xMan was like an extreme version of Chronotron in my opinion, the stages and rooms themselves were gigantic and provided a unique and puzzling experience in compared to Chronotron, which was unique in a different form/ways or manner. I think that the developer of Chronotron would cry foul (if not anyone else) if, without the rooms, because that is a main factor of what makes this unique! Stages were puzzling and made you think for a moment about what to do to complete the room, especially with the clones mixed in, where you have to attempt to use each one in a unique way to alter the level around you to allow you access to the next level or stage of the room. I found the game confusing at first, until I played the tutorial, (can you imagine my surprise when I found out that tutorials are helpful?!) but beyond that the game was just plain, puzzling and captivating in it’s own way, that challenged you into allowing yourself to think out a situation and reserve your ideas for later characters.


One thing that I loved about 5xMan, was the visuals and/or graphics displayed in the game! The visuals were un-complex overall, but didn’t appear to want to be complicated and instead stayed simple,  but at the same time, were visually appealing. Graphics could use a little bit of polishing and such, but work well for the game. Character design could be worked on a tad, though it get’s it’s point across quite well, by color-coding everything for the user. All in all, graphics were excellent!

Sound was superb; I loved it! Background music, did not take center stage, but instead the sound effects did and it worked beautifully. The background music was terrific, overall, it wasn’t extremely annoying, but it wasn’t pleasant either, it looped, what seemed like, every few seconds and just thinking about it now after playing it for a while makes me hit the mute button. Sure, it was nice, interesting and worked well with the game, but it seemed extremely repetitive to me and ultimately led to me muting it. Sound effects were awesome, they worked tremendously well with the game and sort of set the mood and tone for the overall theme or game.

The  difficulty ramp was obvious, as levels in the room progressively became more complex and required you to plan more ahead of yourself than previous rooms or stages before hand. To be exact, this game had to have a perfect difficulty ramp or in no way would this game work on any standard, for one, if the difficulty ramp was lopsided, then you would need to many men in the beginning of the game or room to get you through the rest of the game and/or room/stage, it would be impossible, if you wanted to provide any difficulty what-so-ever to the game. It would be like, for example, if you were to use five men in the beginning, one making it to the next stage of the room, while the other four were to open the door, whereas the one character who did make it out would have to complete the rest of the game, with only himself as the one character, making it practically impossible for the developer to make the game any more difficult than the first room possessed. Seeing as I never did end up in one of those situations, the game was pretty well throughout by the developer in what had to be done to make this go in a chronological order of events for each room to be completed.

I don’t think replay-ability was that high in this game, unless you’re counting yourself running through each room fifty times due to your large mass of clones in your arsenal. I believe if more levels were to be added, you’d catch me coming back, at the sheer length of the game, but not necessarily of what I view, currently, as an addictive or replay-able game, as of right now. If in-game achievements were added, I would definitely come back and try to achieve those, but there isn’t, as of now, something to drive me back and play again. I would love yo see the Kongregate API added for the Kongregate version, whereas people would be able to challenge one another with scores and such, just like a leaderboard.

All in all, 5xMan was terrific (by the way, I love the name!) I loved the puzzling theme and how it reminded me of Chronotron, but 5xMan seemed to be a (and I know I said this before) extreme version of Chronotron, whereas stages and rooms seemed to stretch for long distances and provided a unique experience, that differentiated it from Chronotron. Graphics and visuals were terrific, even if there were somewhat simple. I believe they could be polished just a bit to where they are a tad, bit more significant, either way, I loved them! Sound effects was also excellent, and were used in every situation necessary, which is a big plus for me, to created a more realistic feel to it. Background music on the other hand seemed repetitive, even if it did work well with the game. The difficulty ramp was perfect in my opinion and had to be to pull off a game like this and the developer delivered. The replay value wasn’t this game’s high point and provided no incentive to come back for a second run, I believe this could be fixed with such things as in-game achievements or the Kongregate API. Overall, if you have the time, you better spend it playing 5xMan! [Play 5xMan]

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