The Birdinator

[Play The Birdinator] Game Description: Seasonal migration is always a challenge. Even for Birdinator. | Your goal in “The Birdinator” is to migrate from your frosty climate (current location) and then migrate to Hawaii (I believe) to hold out the winter and enjoy the relaxing summer-like days on the beach. in each move, you’re trying to ‘leap’ or go the most distance in order to cut down on the time it takes you to arrive in Hawaii!

The Birdinator is a very straight-forward game and lacks a noticeable difficulty. Sure, you could consider the game difficult at times, but since the game had built itself on a structure, whereas every day, you’ll gain some ground, it’s almost impossible to loose in any situation. The enemies themselves, hunters, owls (also “retarded owls”) planes, and other objects were easily taken care of with a few shots of your lasers. |┬áMaybe the term “no noticeable difficulty” is somewhat misleading, but instead the game lacks difficulty, although there is somewhat of a challenge throughout the game. Challenges such as avoiding bullets and other critters, while this may have been easy for me, it didn’t translate into something that I would consider difficult and, or challenging in any form or manner. I admit that this is obviously my opinion, but I would have to say that some people are totally getting what I’m saying and nodding their heads and the other half of you’re going “wut?”! All in all, difficulty wise, I would have loved to see something more arduous, causing me to be stumped, because as now, I breezed through the entire game in a couple of minutes, the game could have been improved by adding bosses (like a flying bowser!) or other more intricate or complex enemies, that would then complicate the game is a difficulty wise manner. I would have liked this game to act on a more Frantic series level.

The Birdinator provided a laid-back, yet somehow frantic energy to it (don’t ask me how that mixes in any way!) which is an odd combo, but true, while some moments of the game were heart-pounding or vehement, the other half of it created a laid-back, relaxed theme almost, especially when the enemies died down and gave you time to catch your breath after a long slew of enemies. The storyline itself wasn’t anything extremely interesting, it’s migration, but the overall ideas, within the storyline were terrific, because we all love intoxicated birds (especially one called “Birdinator”!) blowing random stuff up with over-sized lasers on a trip to Hawaii. Another strange fact about humans, isn’t it?

Graphics were pulchritudinous; I loved them! I liked the vectorized feel, which I believe they are indeed vectorized (or I could just be crazy!) which works very well with the game! I could see the graphics with a little more polishing, just a little more, for in some scenes the black outlines disappear, while the rest of the outlines stay and it looks a tiny-bit silly, though overall, ignoring that flaw, the visuals were terrific! I know I could probably find a better example with the following statement, but the graphics, literally, remind me of Turkey Fling, probably because they resemble somewhat of the same idea.

Sounds were ace! The background music was superb (big thanks to Waterflame) it was calming, relaxing, but also held a power that fit well with the theme. Most importantly, the music wasn’t annoying to the point where a user has to mute the music, or risk bleeding out their ears, and then to suffer without sound effects, “The Birdinator” was just the opposite of that! Sound effects were brilliant, they were there for just about any emote or movement and provided a realistic feel to “The Birdinator”!

Unlike some games, this game had an impeccable difficulty ramp in my opinion. The game began, by letting you blow up a couple of owls and small planes, then moved onto armed hunters and finally large airplanes. Sublime difficulty ramp if you ask me, even if there were only a little more than a couple of different types of enemies, with obvious advancing difficulty. I wouldn’t of minded a couple more unique enemies, the large airplanes acted identical to the armed hunters and overall the low amount of unique enemies left a gash or hole in the game that cannot be mended unless more enemies are added. Either way the difficulty ramp was well executed!

Replay value for me was low, the game could not hold my attention any longer than it already has (beating the game two times). I would have to agree that there is replay value for people who like the game, (I just don’t happen to be one of them) such as survival mode, which is fairly awesome, but provides nothing different, from what I can tell, than if you were to play the storyline mode. The game was too simple and got a tad bit repetitive after a while, with no actual goals, besides the in-game achievements, which wasn’t strongly emphasized in the game, which I believe shouldn’t have been the case.

All in all The Birdinator was genius! The game lacked an apparent difficulty, though and I would have liked more enemies, more levels and overall a more difficult atmosphere to be implemented into the game, because as of now, the game is far too simple and I believe it could be improved upon, worked on, with such things as more features, power-ups ect that would make it overall, more fun, exciting and enjoyable. Storyline was terrific and reminded me of Endless Migration (if you ever get the time to play that, do!) in a way, both having the qualities and characteristics of the theme of “migration”, but “The Birdinator” included something more, a laser-powered bird that blows up random critters after drinking all Summer and Spring. Graphics were wondrous; I loved them and their vectorized feel they created. The sounds were all there and worked superbly and were in every instance that needed sounds, walking, shooting a laser, explosions, ect. The difficulty ramp was sublime; it was perfect and created a gradual slope from easy to a little more difficult. Replay value wasn’t a high point for “The Birdinator” I would have loved to see the game with more in-game goals, and overall longer. There was some replay value, such as in-game achievements, which were so easy that most of them could be earned within the storyline mode, there was also a “Survival” mode, but provided nothing outside of the storyline mode; I would have liked to see something unique and exciting in that mode to make users want to come back. Overall if you have a couple of minutes to spare, spend them playing “The Birdinator” and not some lame maze game! [Play The Birdinator]