Harry Quantum TV Go Home

Harry Quantum: TV Go Home is a game based on an amazing detective, Harry Quantum. Your goal early on in the game to to recover the lost tapes of the movie studio, that have mysteriously disappeared. Take Harry on an epic adventure to recover the tapes and return to the director. You can view the official walkthrough by the developer himself here, Harry Quantum Walkthrough

Harry Quantum: Locations of all PIPs
- Search the plant in the office.
- Search the bin in the office.
- Search the toolbox three times.
- Use the hammer with the lamp above the barn.
- Use the hammer with your robot.
- After talking the plank (Gary) off the barn search the hole.
- Use flashlight with robot.
- Use sword from Doctor with Skeleton in Diner.
- Use Burger from Diner with King in the stocks.
- Examine the earth in Penguin Garden.
- Use the Milkshake from the Diner with the Patient.
- Use the spade with the water trough.
- Use CD in Office P2 with robot.
- Use Stethoscope with Patient.
- Use Rollerskates with Witch in Penguin Garden.
- Use Stethoscope on dog.
- Use Mirror on Harry.
- Show Patient medical chart.
(List provided by Flooded on Kongregate.com)