[Play Depict1] Game Description: In a dark mysterious world only one voice is trying to guide you to safety, or is it? It’s time to make your escape but can you trust the person that is trying to help? Not everything is what it seems. Journey through 30 different levels and escape from the cage. Sometimes the one you trust can be the one you cannot in the darkest of times in this adventure, platformer game, mixed with an abstract theme of a mysterious unique world.

This was a trust game if anything for the first couple of levels, until you realize that the narrator or “friend” is untrustable and tend to lie to you more than occasional to confuse you as the user. Beside the game including a puzzling theme, it also include an appealing platformer theme, that provided a unique yet difficult appearance. The platform idea goes hand-in-hand with the complex puzzle theme, whereas most levels force you to think out your plan of action and then execute your ideal plan. This allowed the game to develop on so many different levels and complexity besides, if it were to be either a single puzzle game or platformer. The levels themselves were not any what, (at least what I would consider) difficult until some of the other levels, whereas I would spend a set amount of time until I realized how the level was meant to be executed fairly. One thing that definitely contributed to the difficulty was the controls, I found them too complicated and too spread out across the keyboard to simplicate the game, which made it hold an unnecessarily difficulty.

The game provided a kind of deeper meaning then what it appears on the outer shell. I honesty believe you could consider this as an art game, though I do not believe the developer may have put that much thought into what we perceive it to be or as what we desire to believe it may represent. The game made you think about what you were doing, whereas you could trust many of the tips, by your trustworthy comrade through the mysterious world. Even in the beginning of the game, your comrade begins lying to your and you soon realize that he cannot be trusted, despite his trustworthy appearance nor attitude. It makes you consider what you can believe and what you cannot. The game provided itself a mysterious theme, whereas you appear to be in a mysterious world, whereas you must learn about your surroundings.


I loved the 8-bit/retro style of the visuals and graphics. I believe the graphics could have, themselves, added to the mysterious theme of Depict1, whereas they appear simple enough to not make you distracted, but allows you to think about your surroundings and what is happening around you, such as it’s theme or moral, which appears a major factor of Dipict1. One thing that I enjoyed about the game, were definitely the graphics, they held a perfectly simple, ideal, state.

Sounds were excellent! I loved the background music, were was unique and interesting and of which I thought was one of the leading factors of why this game is believed or creates a mysterious feel to it. The music, most importantly wasn’t annoying, nor did it include a two second loop (contributing to why music could be annoying). Sound effects were terrific and allowed the game to expand fairly well, in it’s sound department. Sound effects were used in everything from jumping to collecting items, which game it almost a RPG feel. All in all I loved the sounds!

The difficulty ramp wasn’t apparent, although some of the earlier levels were obviously much easier than some of the later levels, where as some of the levels remain flat in terms of the difficulty. I believe the difficult ramp could have been worked on a tad bit more. Ultimately it comes down to your problem solving skills and how you can see the level after your character and effects on levels themselves, differing itself to further complicate a level. I would have liked to see the difficult ramped up a bit, but that’s tough to do with a puzzle game, whereas some can view several of the levels as easy, or others a tough.

The replay-abilty value wasn’t extremely high, I believe there are some in-game achievements, but only if you have an account on Bored Games, which I thought was kind of useless, but promoted their site, which is terrific advertising in my opinion. For people who don’t have Bored Game account, then this is practically pointless and therefore there is no actual replay value, if you’re playing on a site such as Kongregate. I would have liked to see some in-game achievements that could interact with any website, if not, then the developer should have at least included the Kongregate API for the Kongregate version, where as users would be able to compete with one another. All in all, replay-abilty wasn’t high, unless you were on Bored Games.

Overall, Depict1 was terrific! I loved the whole idea and mysterious theme and how the whole game laid out and gameplay, which provided a deeper meaning, being able to know if you could trust someone and how lying can make one untrustworthy. Graphics and visuals were amazing and were extremely simple, I loved them! Sound was awesome, I loved how sounds were used for everything necessary and the background music worked perfectly with everything else in the game! Replay-ability was somewhat low and I feel that the Kongregate API could of added a lot to the game and created somewhat of a community around it, if players were able to compete against one another. Overall, Depict was a super game and if you have 15-20 minutes, be sure to spend it playing Depict1 [Play Depict1]

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