[Play Solipskier] Game Description: Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and slalom through gates to get huge scores! Stay focused as the scenery soon rushes by you as you gain momentum and blast through the wildlife in your hand cursor-drawn world, created, by your’s truly, you! Gain massive amounts of points, by cruising through gates and tunnels and avoid nasty “no draw” or “danger” areas.

My death in almost every instance was due to me not being, or should I say, not having enough time to draw a line, due to the speed, or a “no draw” or “danger” area presented in the game. That’s really going to be your biggest threat to your survival in this Slalom-like game. Other factors that lead up to my deaths we’re speed issues, such as my lack of speed coming up to “no draw” or “danger” zones, whereas I would not be able to save the little fellow as he eventual feel to his demise, dying a terrible death (I’m listening to the death music and am kind of getting a little emotional over the little guy!). The game was fairly balanced in difficulty issues, if you died it was your fault and you tripped up somewhere along the line. Speed itself was an actual issue in it’s won way if you gained too much, thus not being able to collect points (do jumps when you get enough speed to do some tricks) or having a sense of full control over your character. Difficulty rose as you got more speed through the game; from what I can tell, the faster you go the more likely you are to loose control and crash, whereas just keeping it slow and steady, yields less points, but rewards you with a slightly easier paced game, therefore the character was much more controllable and responded quicker than the aboriginal desire. If you think about it, this game runs somewhat similar to the smash-hit game Canabalt in how the game is built up and how the user reacts to speed changes in the system. Overall, difficulty was present, but only when you wanted it to be, thus if you were to remain, should I say “snail-ish” your not going to have a problem, but you’re definitely not going to make it on the highscores if you’re the turtle in this race.

Solipskier (every time I see that phrase, I’m like “wut?”) carried out a very action-packed essence and made it exhilarating at the least, especially once you gain massive amounts of speed, bursting out of a tunnel or slope, it’s an “in the moment” kind of feel, that is almost unexplainable of what emotions are produced through a game such as this, is fun, invigorating, and a bunch of other words to describe anything as crazy as this, but to bring it down to one word, “frantic”. I found myself maneuvering side to side of the screen, boosting off of gates and tunnels and maintaining combos all while focusing on staying alive. If anything the gameplay reminded my of the, oh, so popular game, Canabalt, while Canabalt may have established the genre, Solipskier added dramatically to the genre’s essence, bringing out a whole new meaning for, side scrolling, jumping game deal, things or whatever other phrase you want to name it! The only un-exhilarating part of this game was the death-screen, which provided the best and saddest, game-over music I’ve ever heard.

Graphics were enthralling, I loved the kind of vectorized feel (I know they’re not actually vectorized, at least the characters, the rainbow trail and the slopes are not, but, everything else can get away with the feel of vectorization, such as the landscape details and other factors, therefore, including backgrounds, vegetations and other details. Motion blurs were excelling in this game, I loved the use of them for such items, in trees or other vegetation that is placed when you draw a slope and such things as trees and cabins, that are quickly placed after the slopes have been drawn by you. The visuals themselves were awesome, I loved the total simplicity of the whole ordeal, such as the slopes and mountains or the background details, which didn’t demand attention. One thing I would have liked to see in the game was more color, I know the theme is supposed to be eerie and punk/rock stuff, but it a bit depressing from the visual analyzes. The only non-black through white color noticeable was the rainbow trail, produced from combos and proceeding through gates. Either way, graphics were lovely and top-notch, though I would have loved to see more color introduced, through the course of the game.

Sound was beautiful, the main music fits perfectly with the actual gameplay. The rock music (or whatever these kids are calling it now-a-days) set the mood for the entire game and kept up with the actual pace of the game, whereas you’ll be traveling a hundred miles per hour (100 MPH) thus the music seemingly keeps up with you. A good example of something that would not work for this game would be classical music, could you imagine some peaceful, calming music as your tearing down the slopes going one hundred miles per hour, (100 MPH) the answer simply is no, therefore the music choice was excellent and provides a unique experience to the game. Unlike, some music, the main music featured in the game was not tiresome, not dull and I could listen to it a hundred times over and not feel the urge to mute it. Sound effects were well in place and were featured in everything necessary for a realistic skiing feel, such as the skis crushing into the snow, or a nifty little sound effect as you pass through a gate. I want to emphasize that the game over music is depressing and has to be some of the best game over music ever! A cool effect in the game, which is a pretty minor feature, is that some people have said that around 50 miles per hour your headphones fall off in-game, thus turning off the rock music, though I have not been a able to successfully mimic that going around 55-57 miles per hour, so it could just be some theory, or some crazy person!

Replay-ability was not this game’s strong point, therefore, meaning that it held no awards, no in-game achievement system, nor anything that would make average user come back after playing a couple of times through and testing the slopes. I would have liked to see some sort of system there to encourage you to continue, atlas there was no system in place and I do not see the incentive for the average user to continue, besides the sheer fact that you could find the game enjoyable and additive, if you’re one of those people, sure there is replay value, but if you’re not then there’s no real point to continue playing, unless something is screaming for you to come back (example: achievements, medals). While this game does not hold and significants in the non-Kongregate community view, on Kongregate the API was implemented, where you’ll be able to submit high-scores and other statistics for you (the user) the challenge other players, which is a big plus in my book!

Overall Solipskier was absolutely amazing! The whole flow of the game was superb and all I can say about the game is great things! The difficulty was perfect and provided difficulty on how you wanted to play the game, whether or no you are a snail or turtle. Gameplay was exhilarating, I loved the speed of the game and the combo multipliers, which kept the game is a frantic mood. Graphics and visuals were terrific, especially with their simplicity and design by Greg Wohlwend, I would give him a high-five *whoosh sound* *high-five motion*! Sound were spot on and were abundant throughout the game, which I loved, especially the rock music and sound effects, which created a mood for the game. Replay-ability was a low point for the game, in-game wise, but made up for it with the Kongregate API functions and statistics. Don’t waste another second, go play Solipskier! [Play Solipskier]

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