Color Carnage Ima-firin-mi-lazar!

[Play Color Carnage] Game Description: Fight off hordes of flying people with your laser eyes while building a giant pile of body parts below you. Build your pile higher and higher as more and more people fly all around you. This game is primarely a mini-game and was built in under one week. Play as a red, (what should we call him.) Stickman, as you fend off swarms of white Stickmen, to avoid dying and to continue the grouth of your body pile of, made up entirely of stickmen body parts (arms, legs, torso, ect.)

The game rapidly becomes more difficult as you proceed through the game, as more and supplementary abundants of Stickmen appear, with added frequently. As additional enemy Stickmen pass by you, they tend to come back at and odd angle so that it’s practically impossible to attack them with your varying types of lasers in your arsenal. Besides the actual enemies, which you’ll most likely be concentrating on, your own body pile can get in your way, numerous times, I’ve gotten stuck under a collaboration of arms, legs, and other body parts, resulting in imminent death (sounds creepy, eh?).

If anything this game was action-packed and created a frantic mood to the user. The onslaught of enemy Stickmen are almost enough to overwhelmed you (or your processor!). The game itself was very face-paced and provided, little time to make up for mistakes or lost time. The game actually provided no exact storyline (make up your own you lazy KH writer!), thus leaving an empty hole in the game, that could only be sown by the developer (the legendary joeybetz). An added storyline would provide a heart and soul for this game, currently with it’s mysterious theme. Never-the-less the game gave out a quick, frantic, minigame feel.

Color Carnage

The graphics were beautiful, that is if you consider, blowing up a Stickman to smithereens with lasers and building up a body pile an art, then yes the game is indirectly beautiful, the graphics themselves, were excellent, one of the best visual effects of the game was how to enemies (when blown up with your lasers) turn colors, when hit, leaving behind a splatter mark, as if graffiti or a paint splatter in several neon, colors (hence the title of the game, Color Carnage). If anything, the game visuals reminded me of Elephant Rave, part of the Elephant series (Achievement Unlocked(2), This is the only Level, Balloon is Wasteland) by John, or otherwise known as jmtb02.

Sound was terrific, it worked quite well with the whole mystery theme, yet was fast-paced enough to blend in with the game style. The sound effects were well in place and could be heard over the music, unlike some games that have sound effects and d0 not amplify the actual sound effect over the roar of the music, in place. There was sound effects for everything that was necessary, which worked out perfectly, and provided an awesome sound experience, you could say.

There was a difficulty ramp, but it feels like the game itself tossed you in and then spike the difficulty ramp too soon, there was definitely a learning curve to the whole thing, although (if I’m not crazy) there was a tutorial in the beginning when you started the the game, but who reads those? Just kidding, but reading a tutorial isn’t anything like living the tutorial. The only problem I have with an in-game tutorial, with a “shoot at this, shoot at that, jump” is that this is a minigame, there isn’t supposed to be those kind of ideas, in place, there should be a genuine learning curve in-game that gives you time to actually learn the game as a whole.

Replay-ability wasn’t the strongest point for this game, there were no in-game achievements, nothing to reach for, besides a highscore table, which might be appetizing for some people, but not for the average gamer who walks into, to play the game. I would be coming back more often if there was something to strive for, a goal, anything, but atlas there is nothing is place, so I don’t believe I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane anytime soon.

All in all the game was terrific, it had a few flaws, but what minigame doesn’t, eh? The difficult ramp was a bit sketchy and off,  but the game itself once you get past the learning curve was awesome, providing a frantic, action-packed feel, that also made itself clear in the music. Graphics were terrific, and gave it the name Color Carnage with it’s neon paint splatters and colorful pieces of carnage left behind from the enemies. Be sure to play the hit game, Color Carnage [Play Color Carnage]