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Achievedment Unlocked 2

[Play Achievement Unlocked 2] Game Description: This is a game about you.Yes you, the player: A lowly blue elephant in a world that has no defining purpose. But you will create a purpose, and that purpose is to do the unthinkable. The extraordinary. The tasks that few have thought to achieve. The world you struggle in pushes back with tremendously nonsensical squares and launchers… coins that pay for things you would only imagine should have been free to begin with. Spikes will be hellbent in causing your demise. This will not be easy. And while the road of purposelessness will be overbearing you will succeed. You know why? Because it’s your destiny.Welcome to metagaming hell. Welcome to Achievement Unlocked 2.

Achievement Unlocked 2, is a very simple concept to grasp and requires almost, a zero learning-curve, as you tour your way room to room do random things to unlock achievements. The game provides very low difficult, except for some of the more puzzling achievements, where more thought is obviously necessary. Several of the achievements are earned within the first couple of seconds, if you know how the game runs [for example the right, left, down, up arrow key achievements]. I would have liked a little more difficulty to be there,  but atlas, that isn’t exactly the point of the game, it’s supposed to be and is, funny, ironic and interesting, adding difficult, where-as the user would be challenged would ruin the above qualities of the game, which give it the, “lolwut?” factor

This game was ultimately made for laughs, it’s hilarious (maybe not laughing out loud and everyone looks over at you kind of hilarious, but nevertheless, funny) The game is absurd and amusing in a whole. I really thought that the game could be a bit deeper though. I often thought to myself while playing it, “Why am actually playing this” and trust me that’s pretty disastrous, the game seemed to drag on a bit and eventually, after a while, got tiresome. To put it this way, there was no goal, obviously this is the point of Metagaming, but seriously, my attention isn’t going to span that long to play a Metagame about Metagaming. That was the real downfall of the game. I liked the concept itself, but because there was no goal, I felt that there was something missing the entire game.

A Super-Secret Level?

The graphics, were excellant, I loved the use of gradients, disastrous in other games, where it tends to look tacky, but Achievement Unlocked 2 pulled it off! I agree that the graphics were not exactly visually appealing,  but the graphics themselves, didn’t try to sell the game, but the concept itself did, and crazy, hi-tech graphics were not necessary. The visuals worked and provided an arcade-like experience.

The music was terrific, it was happy-go-lucky, and lively, perfect for a game like this, of shear fast-pasted achievement bursts, which worked really well with the game. The music didn’t get tiring and wasn’t irritating. Sound effects were well in place, that roared over the music, which is exactly what we’re looking for, I’ve noticed some games recently have these, almost, unnoticeable sound effects, and you hear them and go, what was that? You hear it a couple more times and you realize that it’s not a freak-accident, but really a sound effect, Achievement Unlocked did not do this and provided strong sound effects, providing a confident feel.

There was no actual difficulty ramp, because for one, you could go in any order of achievements you want, practically, depleting reasoning for an actual difficult ramp. If a difficulty ramp was to be in place for Achievement Unlocked 2, that would almost ruin the entire point of the game. While I agree that there are easier achievements in place at the beginning of the game, where you’d have to be a fool not to get immediately, that’s only the first twenty or so seconds, the rest of the game is whatever you want to do and is pretty flat.

Replay-ability wasn’t a major factor in this game, considering your achievement data saves, didn’t save, it’s not like you could just come back to the game and resume, whatever you were doing, once you quit, you’re done. Besides not being able to resume your game, I wouldn’t see myself coming back except maybe for the Multiplayer Rooms, which I can never get connection, so I have no idea, what that is about, but I assume, you’d be racing others, or working together to complete the game, that sounds hectic, but exciting and fun, though with my connection problems…. Either way, the game can make you come back, if you’re interesting in other modes, time trials, story mode, multiplayer modes. Replay-ability falter in this game ultimately because there is no saved data, to continue from if you want to resume your game.

Overall the game was terrific, it was a good 20-30 minutes of pure entertainment, it was witty and exciting and provided a unique, experience, only comparable to the original Achievement Unlocked and a new game called Epic Coaster (just to clarify, Epic Coaster is a spin on Achievement Unlocked). The game is perfect if you consider yourself a badge-aholic. The music and graphics worked well, with the game. The game lacked in two areas, and that was replay-ability (no saved data) and a difficulty ramp. Phenomenal, creative and unique game in general, breaking it down to it’s basic element, I suggest you go play Achievement Unlocked 2, right now and tell all of your friends, that it came out today! [Play Achievement Unlocked 2]

Achievements: [Hit ctrl+f to seach this post for the achievement you are stuck on]
1) Hello Again – Start the game (Load up the game)
2) Playtastic – You found the play button (Hit the “Play” button on the Title Screen)
3) Crossroads – Discovered the Main Menu (Visit the Main Menu)
4) Mission Accepted – Start the game (Begin Achievement Unlocked 2)
5) Tiles Loaded – Loaded the level (Load up Achievement Unlocked 2)
6) Home Sweet Home – Found your home (Visit Home – Most western room)
7) First Floor – Reach the first floor (Reach the First Floor)
8) Second Floor – Reach the second floor (Reach the Second Floor)
9) Third Floor – Reach the third floor (Reach the Third Floor)
10) Fourth Floor – Got to the fourth floor (Reach the Fourth Floor)
11) Fifth Floor – Got to the fifth floor (Reach the Fifth Floor)
12) Cataclysm – Welcome to reality (Reach reality)
13) Storefront – Found the store (Reach the Marketplace)
14) Thrifty – Found the second shop room (Reach the Second Room in the Marketplace)
15) Windowshopper – Found the third shop room
(Reach the Third Room in the Marketplace)
16) Shopper – Found the fouth shop room (Reach the Fourth Room in the Marketplace)
17) Big Spender – Found the fifth shop room (Reach the Fifth Room in the Marketplace)
18) Shopaholic – Found all the shop rooms (Reach the Six Room in the Marketplace)
19) Navigationer – Found all the areas (Reach every location on the map)
20) Just Gave In – Bought the first level pack
(Purchase the First Level Pack in the Marketplace)
21) Add-on-tastic – Bought the second level pack
(Purchase the Second Level Pack in the Marketplace)
22) Deluxe Edition – Bought the third level pack
(Purchase the Third Level Pack in the Marketplace)
23) Gold Edition – Bought the fourth level pack
(Purchase the Fourth Level Pack in the Marketplace)
24) Platinum Edition – Bought the fifth level pack
(Purchase the Fifth Level Pack in the Marketplace)
25) Charge It! – Buy all the level packs
(Purchase the Sixth Level Pack in the Marketplace)
26) Wallet Burn – Press a purchase button
(Purchase something in the Marketplace)
27) No Refunds – Jump on a purchased upgrade
(Upgrade Purchase something in the Marketplace)
28) Panicked Shopper – Panic in the shop (Hit the Panic Button while in the Marketplace)
29) Home Emergency – Panic at home (Hit the Panic Button while at Home)
30) Panic Attack – Panic ten times (Hit the Panic Button 10 times)
31) Thirsty – Drink some water (Drink Water at Home)
32) Save the Whales – Drink all the water (Drink all of the Water at Home)
33) Wheel and Deal – Jump on the hamster wheel
(Jump onto the Hamster Wheel at Home)
34) Full Speed Ahead! – Reach full speed on wheel
(Reach 88 MPH on the Hamster Wheel at Home)
35) Two Trick Pony – Run both ways on the treadmill
(Change direction while on the Treadmill)
36) One… – Go once over the wheel (Jump over the Treadmill)
37) Two… – Go twice over the wheel (Jump over the Treadmill)
38) Three… – Go three times over the wheel (Jump over the Treadmill)
39) Four… – Go four times over the wheel (Jump over the Treadmill)
40) Five! – Go five times over the wheel (Jump over the Treadmill)
41) Dismount! – Jump off the wheel (Jump off of the Treadmill)
42) Teleport! – Go through a teleporter (Go through a teleporter on Floor Four)
43) Beam Me Up – Exit and Enter every teleporter (Go through every Teleporter)
44) Freefall Forever – Get in a downward vertical loop
(Fall down the side path of the rooms to reach the First Floor)
45) Falling Up – Create an infinite teleport loop upwards
(Create a Teleporter, to make an infinite loop)
46) Corpse Loop – Get a corpse into an infinite loop
(Drop a corpse into a Looping Teleporter)
47) Reenter – Enter the same teleporter twice (Reach the same Teleporter Twice)
48) You Might As Well – Jump up and down (Press the Jump Button – arrow key)
49) Bouncy – Jump 10 Times (Press the Jump Button 10 times – arrow key)
50) Flouncy – Jump 50 Times (Press the Jump Button 50 times – arrow key)
51) Trouncy – Jump 100 Times (Press the Jump Button 100 times – arrow key)
52) Pouncy – Jump 250 Times (Press the Jump Button 250 times – arrow key)
53) Full Jump – Do a big jump
(Press the Jump Button until you fall back down – arrow key)
54) No Double Jumping – Try to double jump
(Attempt to double jump – hit the arrow key twice)
55) See Ya – Die. (Die from a spike or hit the Panic Button)
56) Subtle Movement – Move a tiny amount across the screen (Move Slightly)
57) Panic Attack – Hit the Panic Button (The the Panic Button on your keyboard)
58) Midflight Deceased – Panic while airborne (Panic while in the air – arrow key)
59) Multideath – Die 10 times (Die Ten times)
60) MegaDeath – Die 50 times (Die Fifty times)
61) GigaDeath – Die 100 times (Die One-Hundred times)
62) Impaler – Die on spikes (Die by hitting a spike)
63) Stalagmite – Die on upward spikes (Be Impaled by an Upward Spike)
64) Stalactite – Die on downward spikes (Be Impaled by an Downward Spike)
65) Staleftmite – Die on leftward spikes (Be Impaled by an Leftward Spike)
66) Starightcite – Die on rightward spikes (Be Impaled by an Rightward Spike)
67) I Love You Spike – Die 10 times on the same spike
(Be Impaled by the same Spike 10 times)
68) Pink – Turn a spike pink (Be Impaled by a Spike)
69) First Floor Pink – Turn first floor spikes pink
(Turn all of the Spike on the first floor pink, by being impaled by them)
70) Second Floor Pink – Turn second floor spikes pink
(Turn all of the Spike on the second floor pink, by being impaled by them)
71) Third Floor Pink – Turn the third floor spikes pink
(Turn all of the Spike on the third floor pink, by being impaled by them)
72) Fourth Floor Pink – Turn the fourth floor spikes pink
(Turn all of the Spike on the fourth floor pink, by being impaled by them)
73) Fifth Floor Pink – Turn the fifth floor spikes pink
(Turn all of the Spike on the fifth floor pink, by being impaled by them)
74) Pinky Swear – Turn half the spikes pink (Turn half of all the Spikes pink)
75) Pinky Promise – Turn all the spikes pink (Turn all of the Spikes Pink)
76) WASD – Prefer the WASD Control (Use the WASD keys to move your Character)
77) Arrow Keys – Prefer the Arrow Control (Use the arrow keys to move your Character)
78) Colour My Tile – Paint a block (Paint any block in the game)
79) 100 Pretty Tiles – Colour 100 tiles in one room
(Paint One-Hundred Tiles on any Floor)
80) First Floor Painted – Paint 100 tiles on first Floor
(Paint One-Hundred Tiles on the First Floor)
81) Second Floor Painted – Paint 100 tiles on 2nd Floor
(Paint One-Hundred Tiles on the Second Floor)
82) Third Floor Painted – Paint 100 tiles on 3rd Floor
(Paint One-Hundred Tiles on the Third Floor)
83) Fourth Floor Painted – Paint 100 tiles on 4th Floor
(Paint One-Hundred Tiles on the Fourth Floor)
84) Fifth Floor Painted – Paint 100 tiles on 5th Floor
(Paint One-Hundred Tiles on the Fifth Floor)
85) Coloured 50 – Paint 50 tiles (Paint any 50 Tiles)
86) Coloured 100 – Paint 100 tiles (Paint any 50 Tiles)
87) Coloured 150 – Paint 150 tiles (Paint any 150 Tiles)
88) Coloured 250 – Paint 250 tiles (Paint any 250 Tiles)
89) Repainted 500 – Paint 500 tiles (Paint any 500 Tiles)
90) Launcher – Touch a launcher (Access a Launcher)
91) Launcher Cleaner – Clean all the first floor launchers
(Access all Launchers on the First Floor)
92) Launcher Scrubber – Clean all the second floor launchers
(Access all Launchers on the Second Floor)
93) Launcher Polisher – Clean all the third floor launchers
(Access all Launchers on the Third Floor)
94) Launcher Rinser – Clean all the fourth floor launchers
(Access all Launchers on the Fourth Floor)
95) Launcher Washer – Clean all the fifth floor launchers
(Access all Launchers on the Fifth Floor)
96) Launcher Powerwasher – Clean all launchers
(Access all Launchers on all of the Floors)
97) Look, a Penny! – Find a coin (Collect One Coin)
98) Pennybags – Collect 30 coins (Collect Thirty Coin)
99) Moneymaker – Collect 60 coins (Collect Sixty Coin)
100) Pennywise – Collect 90 coins (Collect Ninety Coin)
101) It Prints Money – Collect 120 coins (Collect One-Hundred Twenty Coin)
102) Scrooge – Collect 140 coins (Collect One-Hundred Fourty Coin)
103) 1st Collection – Collect first floor coins (Collect All of the Coins on the First Floor)
104) 2nd Collection – Collect second floor coins (Collect All of the Coins on the Second Floor)
105) 3rd Collection – Collect third floor coins (Collect All of the Coins on the Third Floor)
106) 4th Collection – Collect fourth floor coins (Collect All of the Coins on the Fourth Floor)
107) 5th Collection – Collect fifth floor coins (Collect All of the Coins on the Fifth Floor)
108) Gotta Collect ‘em All! – Collect all the coins (Collect All of the Coins on the Sixth Floor)
109) I’m Glad You’re Here – Stick around for 10 seconds
(Play Achievement Unlocked 2 for 10 Seconds)
110) Good Company – Stick around for 30 seconds
(Play Achievement Unlocked 2 for 30 Seconds)
111) BFFs – Stick around for 60 seconds (Play Achievement Unlocked 2 for 60 Seconds)
112) West Side – Look West (Use the Left Arrow/A Key)
113) East Side – Look East (Use the Right Arrow/D Key)
114) Dizzy – Flip direction 5 times in 1 second
(Use the Right and Left Arrow keys to quickly move the Character back and forth)
115) Hover – Stay airbourne for 6 seconds (Jump into the air for 6 seconds)
116) Dead Crowd – Generate 3 corpses at once (Gather 3 corpses)
117) Corpsaholic – Generate 5 corpses at once (Gather 5 corpses)
118) Necrophilia – Generate 10 corpses at once (Gather 10 corpses)
119) Spike Corpse Hoedown – Land 3 corpses together on the same spike
(Gather 3 corpses off of one Spike)
120) Corpse Levitation – Suspend a corpse for 2 seconds
(Maintain a copse in the air for two Seconds)
121) Corpse Juggling – Suspend 5 different corpses (Maintain 5 copses in the air)
122) Body Drop – Send a corpse to another floor (Land a corpse in another room -Lancher+Panic = Hint)
123) Undead Touch – Touch a dead corpse (Bump into a corpse)
124) Telecorpse – Teleport a corpse (Toss a copse into a teleporter – Panic Button)
125) Teletired – Teleport 50 times (Use 50 teleporters)
126) Relapse – Panic while touching a checkpoint
(Hit the Panic Button while at a Checkpoint)
127) Respawnorama – Respawn at every checkpoint (Respawn at every Checkpoint)
128) Clicky – Click click clickaroo (Click the Screen)
129) Not Left Click – Check out the Right Click Menu (Hit the Right-Click Button)
130) BILLY MAYS – Enable Caps Lock (Hit the Caps Lock Button)
131) Scrolly – Scroll the achievements list (Scroll through the Achievements list)
132) Extreme Scrolling – Scroll to the very bottom
(Scroll to the bottom of the Achievements list)
133) So Happy! – Make a happy face with keyboard letters (Type out :) into the Keyboard (colon + close parentheses))
134) Erasure – Push the backspace key (Hit the Backspace button on your Keyboard)
135) Quality Time – Set the quality lower (Change the Quality of the game)
136) Waltzing Ma – Push the tilda key (~) (Type out ~)
137) Partial Colon – Push the semicolon (Hit the Semi-Colon Button ; )
138) Silence is Golden – Push the mute button (Hit the Mute Button)
139) Same combo as my luggage! – Push 1,2,3,4,5 (Type out 1,2,3,4,5)
140) Paste in Notepad – Push the centre of the wheel (Click the Center of the Treadmill)
141) Dash! – Run 20 metres in-game (Move your Character 20 metres)
142) Look I’m Big! – I made music! (Hit any Key on the Piano – Floor Two)
143) Keyboard Hero – Hit every piano key (Hit Every Key on the Piano – Floor Two)
144) Ode to Joy – Play Ode to Joy on the Piano
(Play Ode to Joy on the Piano – Floor Two: E, E, F, G, G, F, E, (D))
145) Twinkle Twinkle – Play Twinkle Twinkle (Little Star) on the Piano
(Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the Piano – Floor 2: Low C, low C, G, G, A, A, G)
146) Row Row Row Your Boat – Play Row your Boat on the Piano
(Play Row Row Row Your Boat on the Piano – Floor 2: Low C, low C, low C, D, E)
147) Piano Slide Up – Hit every piano key from bottom to top
(Hit Every Piano Key from left to right)
148) Piano Slide Down – Hit every piano key from top to bottom
(Hit Every Piano Key from right to left)
149) Corpse Organ – Land a corpse on a piano key (Toss a corpse onto a Piano Key)
150) Chord – Play a note while your corpse plays another
(Toss a corpse onto a Piano key and hit another)
151) Harmony – Play a note while 2 corpses play another
(Toss two corpses onto the Piano and hit another note)
152) High and Low Cs – Jump from the last key to first
(Play from the last key to the first key)
153) Fort Alpha – Find Hidey Hole 1
(Access the “lower middle of first floor, in the “room” “blocked” by a launcher”*)
154) Fort Beta – Find Hidey Hole 2
(Access the “upper left of first floor, under the spikes”*)
155) Fort Gamma – Find Hidey Hole 3
(Access the “middle of second floor. Straight to the left of the respawn point”*)
156) Fort Delta – Find Hidey Hole 4
(Access the “upper left part of second floor, in the lower of the two long paths”*)
157) Fort Zeta – Find Hidey Hole 5
(Access the “upper left part of third floor, in the hard to reach half-room”*)
158) Fort Eta – Find Hidey Hole 6
(Access the “right side of third floor, in the lower of the indentations in the wall”*)
159) Fort Theta – Find Hidey Hole 7
(Access the ‘middleish’ of fourth floor. Jump straight up and go right from the respawn point”*)
160) Fort Iota – Find Hidey Hole 8
(Access the “upper right part of fourth floor. Right under those spikes in the “tough to jump to” spot”*)
161) Fort Kappa – Find Hidey Hole 9
(Access the “Fifth Floor, upper right part, pretty much where you will land if you manage to avoid the spikes by the elevator launcher”*)
162) Fort Lambda – Find Hidey Hole 10
(Access “to the lower far left on fifth floor. Really, it’s almost too obvious that there is something in that spot”*)
163) Fortable – Find a Hidey Hole (Access any Hidey Hole)
164) Oooooooh *Push* – Push the orange button. (Press the Orange Button in-game)
165) No button! – Release the orange button. (Release the Orange Button in-game)
166) Pressing Issue – Push the orange button 20 times.
(Press the Orange Button 20 times)
167) And…. hold! – Hold the orange button down for 3 seconds (Press the Orange Button for Three seconds)
168) Pretty Button!!! – Look at the button (Stare at the Orange Button)
169) Quick to Strike – Hit the orange button twice in a second
(Double Tap the orange button in less than a second)
170) Inactivity – Don’t do anything for ten seconds (Don’t Move for 10 seconds)
171) Survival – Don’t die for 20 seconds (Stay alive for 20 seconds)
172) Invulnerable – Don’t die for 40 seconds (Stay alive for 40 seconds)
173) One Wheel! – Stop one slot reel
(Spin the Slot Machine and stop one slot on Floor Three)
174) Two Wheel! – Stop two slot reels (Stop two Slots on the Slot Machine on Floor Three)
175) Three Wheel! – Stop all the reels(Stop two Slots on the Slot Machine on Floor Three)
176) Insert Coin – Start the reels (Spin the Slots Machine on Floor Three)
177) RGB – Stop the reels on Elephant, Llama, Giraffe (Stop the Slots to make the combo of: Elephant, llama, Giraffe)
178) Elephant Jackpot! – Get all Elephants in the slot machine
(Stop the Slots to make the combo of: Elephant, Elephant, Elephant)
179) Emu Jackpot! – Get all Emus in the slot machine
(Stop the Slots to make the combo: Emus, Emus, Emus)
180) Llama Jackpot! – Each all Llamas in the slot machine (Stop the Slots to make the combo:Llama, Llama, Llama)
181) Consolation Prize – Match 2 random symbols in the slot
(Stop the Slots to get 2 animal matches)
182) Not a Winner – Match no symbols in the slots (Stop the Slots to match zero animals)
183) Trip Giraffes – Match 3 giraffes on the slots
(Stop the Slots to make the combo: Giraffe, Giraffe, Giraffe)
184) Addicted Gambler – Lock the slots 30 times (Play the Slot Machine 30 Times)
185) Left it Running – Leave the floor while the slot wheels are running
(Access any other Floor while playing with the Slot Machine)
186) Reely Restart – Restart a reel (Restart the reel)
187) Reel it backwards – Hit the reels in the reverse order
(Hit all of the reels in reverse order)
188) Three Times the Minute – System clock time is divisible by 3
(Divide the system clock by 3)
189) Rollout! – Roll the mouse off the screen (Roll your mouse outside of the game screen)
190) Mouseing Around – Move the cursor 1 foot across the screen
(Move the cursor until you’ve traveled a foot)
191) 10 Foot Mousetrek – Move the cursor 10 feet across the screen
(Move the cursor until you’ve traveled 10 feet)
192) EleClick – Hey, that tickles! (Click on the Elephant with your mouse)
193) Won’t Follow Directions – You just had to do it…
(Access the right click menu and hit “Don’t Click Here”)
194) Further Fall – Fall two floors (Fall Two Floors through a chute)
195) Super Fall – Fall three floors (Fall Three Floors through a chute)
196) Mega Fall – Fall four floors (Fall Four Floors through a chute)
197) Colossal Fall – Fall all the way to the bottom from the top
(Fall Five Floors through a chute)
198) Further Ascend – Rise two floors (Fall Two Floors through a chute)
199) Super Ascend – Rise three floors (Fall Three Floors through a chute)
200) Mega Ascend – Rise four floors (Fall Four Floors through a chute)
201) Colossal Ascend – Rise from the bottom to the top (Fall Five Floors through a chute)
202) I Can’t Live With This – Die outside (Use the Panic Button)
203) Safer Inside – Go back inside from the Cataclysm
(Go from the Cataclysm to the inside)
204) Two Browser Windows – Open two browser windows of the same game
(Open Achievement Unlocked 2 in Two Different Browsers)
205) Break Time! – Find the hot coffee feature
(Return to the game, with the second window – See 204)
206) Break Off! – Start playing again on the main screen
(In the New Window play Achievement Unlocked 2 – See 204)
207) Buzz – Move around in the coffee feature
(Move your Character in the Coffee scene – See 205)
208) The Burn! – Jump in the hot coffee mug (Jump into the Coffee – See 205)
209) Warm… – Fall below the hot coffee stage (Jump off the Coffee Stage – See 205)
210) Colder… – Fall further below the coffee stage
(Fall further off the Coffee Stage – See 205)
211) Even Colder… – Fall even further below the coffee stage
(Fall even further off the Coffee Stage – See 205)
212) Cold Coffee! – Find the secret secret stage
(Reach the Stage below the Coffee Stage – See 205)
213) The Final Straw – Stand on top of the straw (Reach the top of the Cold Coffee Straw)
214) There’s the pump! – Start the pump (Start the Pump on Floor One)
215) Begin the fill! – Fill the first floor height (Fill the First Floor with water)
216) Keep Filling Captain! – Fill the second floor height (Fill the Second Floor with Water)
217) The Pressure! – Fill the third floor height (Fill the Third Floor with Water)
218) The Bends! – Fill the fourth floor height (Fill the Fourth Floor with Water)
219) Full Glass! – Fill the entire building with water (Fill the Fifth Floor with Water)
220) Draining – Drain the entire building from the fifth floor (Drain the level)
221) Hey, a Pastry! – Poop a Pastry (Press Spacebar to make a Pasty)
222) Yum Yum! – Eat a Pastry (Eat one of your Pastries)
223) Maximum Pastry! – Poop 10 pastries (Make 10 Pastries)
224) Pastry Chef – Poop 30 pastries (Make 30 Pastries)
225) Pastry Connoisseur – Consume 25 pastries (Eat 25 Pastries)
226) Bloataphant – Eat 50 pastries (Eat 50 Pastries)
227) Doggy Bag – Launch a pastry into a teleporter (Make a Pastry fall into a teleporter)
228) To Go Order – Use a launcher to launch a pastry
(Use a Lancher to shoot away a Pastry)
229) Pastry for the Dead – Give a pastry to a corpse (Make a pastry and hit a corpse)
230) Soggy pastries – Make pastries underwater (Make a Pastry underwater – See 214)
231) Drown – Die underwater (Drown yourself underwater – See 214)
232) Do a Barrel Roll! – Push Z or R twice! (Hit the keys Z or R Twice)
233) I Don’t Get It – Access the walkthrough (Hit the walkthrough button in-game)
234) Stop and Hop – Jump without moving left or right
(Jump without moving in any direction, but up)
235) Aww Poor Puppy – Look hopeless (Wait/Freeze for a moment)
236) A Decade – Earn 10% of the achievements (Earn any 25 Achievements)
237) It’s Roaring! – Earn 20% of the achievements (Earn any 50 Achievements)
238) Days Past September – Earn 30% of the achievements (Earn any 75 Achievements)
239) By Volume – Earn 40% of the achievements (Earn any 100 Achievements)
240) Fifty – Earn 50% of the achievements (Earn any 125 Achievements)
241) Every Time – Earn 60% of the achievements (Earn any 150 Achievements)
242) Hey, Youre Passing! – Earn 70% of the achievements (Earn any 175 Achievements)
243) B Average – Earn 80% of the achievements (Earn any 200 Achievements)
244) Final Run – Earn 90% of the achievements (Earn any 225 Achievements)
245) Almost There! – Earn 95% of the achievements (Earn any 239 Achievements)
246) I Can’t Shake Him! – Earn 96% of the achievements (Earn any 242 Achievements)
247) Almost… there… – Earn 97% of the achievements (Earn any 245 Achievements)
248) Stay on Target! – Earn 98% of the achievements (Earn any 247 Achievements)
249) Pull Up! – Earn 99% of the achievements (Earn any 249 Achievements)
250) Absolute Completion – Earn every other achievement (Earn all 250 Achievements)
Original Walkthrough by ArmorGames
In-Depth Description by Kongregate Helper
*”Hidey Holes” Guide by Zophia