Take a Walk

[Play "Take a Walk"] Take a Walk is completely music based, platformer game in witch you control a character who had just got off work and has decided to take a walk [hence the title of the game]. So he places his headphones on and it’s suddenly turned into a music madness, syncing game in witch the music of the game, determines when you should jump, if your beat is off you won’t be earning any points! If you succeed multiple times, pigeons will soon flock around you, giving you extra points in the duration of the game, the pigeons are lost when you bump into something when you’re out and about.

Although “Take a Walk” was very easy in the long-run, the beginning of the game was, to be fair, confusing. The game itself, provided no in-game instructions, which lead to me, hopelessly hopping around the first stage until I actually realized what I had to do in Stage Two, thus the game was much, much easier. I would have liked some in-game instructions, since the game really gave off a bad, first-impression of the whole situation. The rest of the game, the music syncing portion was actually not as difficult as I thought it was going to be, I wouldn’t of minded more intricate levels, if not music to go along with the game and ultimately game “Take a Walk” more difficult. The third level was actually a huge spike in difficulty compared to the other levels, but wasn’t exactly as difficult as I would have liked the game to be.

This was definitely one of the more peaceful games out there, who doesn’t like syncing with classical music in a city environment, as you quickly etch your way to the park. The music choice itself was peaceful and relaxing, but with the extra element of having to sync your character to the music, lead to an effect much like the popular jmtb02 games, where you also must sync the music and follow the rhythm to complete the game[s]. I thought the element of matching the music to your character was an extreme boast for this game, without the idea this would be just another platform game and not a very fun, nor exciting one for that matter.

Take a Walk

The graphics were amazing [created by Min Lin] I wouldn’t doubt it if they were hand-drawn, themselves and then pasted into the game. I loved the graphics, it’s not every day you see something like this, their black and white hand drawn [what I would guess] graphics, witch I simply love! I would compare the graphics to one of the best point and click games, “Sprout” witch are hand-drawn [much easier to tell that they are in this instance] and also include vectorized graphics [from what I can tell]. The graphics work quite well in “Take a Walk” because it’s all about breaking out of the circle, breaking the chain, thinking outside the box, *cough* *cough* you get the idea. Since the game is slightly about think outside the box and whatnot, black and white makes sense, especially since once completing the game, your character and you see the color in the day, as if you’ve achieved something, I just don’t know what exactly!

The sound was spot-on! I loved every second of it! The thing about this game, is how do you define music, is it he background music, or is the rhythm of the objective itself? Either way the background music was phenomenal and was quite relaxing, perfectly matching the idea of the game and it’s storyline. The syncing was perfect and I never once questioned it, though with all the other notes playing at the same time, it can get confusing at times, in terms of gameplay. I would have liked the developer to add more levels, thus more music for the user. The music overall worked very well with the game and I’d like to see more!

I wouldn’t say there was a difficult ramp, actually this was a 2-3 minute game at the most and the difficult maintained almost the same throughout. If anything the difficult ramped slightly between stages one and two, while 2-3 spiked, with a face-paced theme, though it wasn’t too difficult compared to the rest of the game itself. The game being a 2-3 minute deal, really the lead the game to have no difficulty ramp even if the developer wanted to, there just wasn’t enough time to learn the game and adept to it within those three levels, if anything the developer could have added more levels, and follow the same theme as level three, with rock-ish music.

Replay-ability. I would say that if you were into this game, then it presents a lot of replay-ability, with in-game achievements and such. The game even provides the Kongregate API, witch allows you to submits your highscores on Kongregate to compete against other players for the top score. There are also several in-game achievements that allow you to go through the fifty more times, just so that you don’t look like a weird-o, or so that you have a purpose to play again, heck I went through the game four times, just writing this review! So, definitely, if you care to go through the game again, there’s your motivation, in-game achievements, not to mention the Kongregate leaderboards!

Overall “Take a Walk” was a terrific game! I loved the music aspect/essence and twist on the average platformer, and it reminded me of the awesome series of games by jmtb02! I would have loved to see more levels though, [there being only 3] and more music to go along with it. The graphics were amazing and provided a unique feel to the game, that I can only compare to the game “Sprout”. The sound, witch made up the game was terrific [make sure you don't mute the music, by the way did I mention it was a music game?]! The replay value for this game was tremendous if you were into the game, boasting in-game achievements and the Kongregate API Leaderboards. Make sure that you go play “Take a Walk”! [Play "Take a Walk"]