Mutant Madness

[Play Mutant Madness]Mutant Madness is a neat little game where you fend off oncoming waves of zombies in a post-apocalyptic town, poisoned by an infectious virus, found in the local burgers. Your job is to take down the infected [no, not zombies, silly!] and save the town, if not the world! Take control of Agent Smith, a high-tech ninja [as I would call him] and take him to the streets to solve the mystery of the virus that is quickly spreading through the neighborhood [you can call it "hood" if you're gangster like that.].

This is actually one of the easier button smashing, zombie/virus infected games you’ll find. I found it extremely easy to breeze through each wave of the infected and level up, occasionally. I would have liked the game to be more difficult, because I didn’t die once, nor did I ever come close to dyeing. I would have expected it to be a little bit more difficult. I think we can break it down to another fact that, a majority of the enemies didn’t have weapons, or the other fact that, if they did have weapons, primarily guns, then the bullets, traveled at 5 miles an hour and we easily evadable, or possibly the fact that the bosses were a joke, I had a tougher time fending off a group of baby chicks in the boss fight, then the actually boss himself. I really think the difficulty ramp, could have been bumped up a bit to make the game a tad bit more interesting.

Mutant Madness, was an, um…interesting game overall, the thing I liked about it, was that it wasn’t zombies, most of these button-mashing, kill-em’-all kind of ideas are about zombies and after the whole genre being about you killing off zombies, it’s nice to see someone mix it up a bit and invent their own infectious disease, because we all love those kind of things! This was game about a corrupt, chicken that sold burgers, that had a secret ingredient [what is that "ingredient" you ask? Well, how am I supposed to know, don't ask question like that!] that eventually made everyone mindless, infected, civilians. This an, awesome, original idea, I’d definitely think more of this game, because of the unique storyline, that’s actually pretty comical.

I loved the graphics, they were phenomenal, heck not anything realistic, but they looked terrific/phenomenal and did the job for the game. I specifically like these graphics, because they’re not aiming for realistic, but instead the whole opposite direction, imaginary and wondrous and in my book, those are some awesome graphics. The graphics reminded me a lot of Portal Defenders [remember that game where you got to kill some of your favorite Newground members in a fight to the death?] with the same idea [almost] and the same graphics style [definitely]. I found the comparison uncanny, it almost looked like the art was by the same, person, I would bet a couple bucks on that. My only artistic question about this game was, “was that a freaken’ flamethrower?”.

The sound, er…Okay. There were no actually noticable sound effects through the entire game, except the swooshing of your foot or arm slicing through the air on occasion, but other than that the only music you heard was the epic, battle scene music. The music in general was good, but the use of sound effects, just wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have minded a couple of people falling down with a thud, or people screaming there heads of, but whatever, the music made up for it and put you there, in the game.

I wouldn’t say there was exactly any difficult ramp, it stayed flat throughout the entire game, which made me slightly sad, since I was hoping for some epic boss battle at the end, where I’d end up cussing my head off and cry, just like I did in the original Meat Boy [especially Meat Boy: Map Packs]. If not anything the game had a couple of spikes here and there of the occasional “difficult” swarm of enemies, that we’re still quite easy to handle, for example, the beginning of the game, you practically never ran across any weapons, while later on in the game they were abundant, yet the difficult never budged, another example of random spikes in the police force that appeared outside the boss’s headquarters later on in the game, there must have been 20 police officers, with shotguns, machine guns and whatnot, that made that part more difficult than the actual, final boss battle, itself.

I wouldn’t say there was a ton of replay-ability here, the game held no unique awards, nor trophies and the only thing to show for your hard work [yet, moving the character around and bashing skulls in, is tough] is a little score, that racks up everything that you’ve done on the game. I think, at the least the developer should add the Kongregate API, which tracks your scores, so that there would be a scoreboard for you to go up against other players instead of the board over at HyperGames [no offense], where Kongregate API could track other statistics [kills, time taken to complete the game, damage taken, ect]. The game could always of help in-game awards which would motivate me to run back through the game again.

Overall, the Mutant Madness was terrific! I loved everything about it, the gameplay was awesome, it really felt like you were that guy, the hero, and that you could take anything down, but that’s where the difficulty failed, I would have loved a challenge, though breezing through the game like you are a God, isn’t half bad either. Graphics were awesome too and felt a lot like the popular game Portal Defenders. The sound, just wasn’t there for me, the music in the background was, but sound effects did not deliver, by any means. The difficult ramp was a tad bit flat throughout the entire game, hence the easiness of the whole thing. The replay-ability could have been worked on, by adding achievements and such. All in all, the game was fantastic, I recommend that you go take the time to go and play it, it’s a good thirty minutes! [Play Mutant Madness]