Shadow Snake

[Play Shadow Snake]Game Description: Stylish arcade game with fresh mechanics. You control the spirit of the snake who wants to escape the Temple of Shadows. In this game you control a spirit snake on his conquest to collect “sunshine” pieces to activate and escape into  a shrine that is in every level, in the center of the dungeon. Avoid and maneuver around the treacherous grasp of the black demons and their Temple of Shadows! [Game is fully controlled with the mouse].

Shadow Snake was actually a very simple and un-complex game, but it lacked difficulty, I cruised through most of the game, attempting levels at the max of 3 times, while the game was easy on most level, the three times max part, those levels, were usually very difficult, compared to the rest of the game. Probably the most difficult part of the game was the length of the snake itself, I was constantly getting hit by Black Demon, because I could get my tail away from them, especially when there is large swarms of critters [Black Demons] after you. All in all ,the game wasn’t that difficult [I have played hardcore mode, yet I am referring to the storyline events in the simplest mode.]. I feel that the only thing that actually made this arcade type game difficult was the tail itself on your snake, I would say that is the number one cause for most of my deaths.

The best thing about this game would have to be it’s unique gameplay, I know the teleport idea is an old one, where the hero escapes form the on-rushing crowd of enemies through a teleporter, just before they catch up to him [in this case the monsters are the Black Demons, pesky little guys aren't they?] Yet, this idea is unique to the casual gaming industry itself, I do not remember a time when game like this came by [with the teleporter idea, depicted in movies and such, or even star war's hyper-speed scenes]. To escape to the portal you must collect a series a Sunshine pieces to start up the teleporter while avoiding the nasty Demons. The thing I also really liked about this game was the pesky Black Demons, they were all synced together, like you would see in the hit games Frantic or Pixelvader, where they almost create a pattern and art in my mind.

Shadow Snake

The art was top-notch! I loved the art, the scene is always set in a kind of cavern/dungeon, with rays of light streaming in from the roof, possibly a hole or something along those lines. I would definitely compare the art to the game “Pixel” by agames. In which most of it is very simple ideas all put together and it creates a simply amazing effect. And when I refer to simple idea, I mean creative art that isn’t supper high-tech but remains almost realistic, yet noticeably vectorized or cartoony. The enemies were also noticeably simple, with very smooth animations, that put the whole game together in an art-like perspective.

The music wasn’t half bad either, it’s definitely not the type of music that’ll you’ll want to mute [although there is a mute button] I don’t know what it is about the music, you can listen to it at full speaker level and you can kind of make it adapt to your environment [really hard to explain it] like you can have it on, but not really realize it’s there and accept it [probably just have bad ears, ha.]. Anyways, I really thing the music fits the whole scene of the game, it’s mysterious, uncomplex and is fun to listen too.

The difficulty ramp was a little crooked, in my opinion some levels would be extremely difficult to the point where it seemed like I might give up and then the next level would be extremely easy, take level nine for example, I really thought that level was tough and then level 10, I was like “what?”, level 10 was too easy in my opinion, especially after such a tough level and this lasted throughout the entire game, it was like the ocean, it’s unpredictable [good compariasion, eh?]. Anyways, I thought the difficulty ramp was way too unpredictable, it left me stuck on some levels while after that level I plowed through the next few easily.

I wouldn’t say there was a whole ton of replay-ability factor after I had completed the game once, I’m not going to go back and complete the game again in hardcore mode, even though the levels are entirely different, if just doesn’t hold my attention that dramatically to make me want to go through another round of it. Not like I’m saying it’s a bad game, it’s great, but it’s missing one aspect to me, and than’s replay-ability. In-game achievements could fix this, or possibly the Kongregate API, where highscores could be set up.

Overall Shadow Snake is the perfect game if you have 30 minutes to spare, it’s simple, unique and let’s not forgot super-fun! he game had an awesome concept, that’s almost seemed like the original snake, but it broke away from that idea, and branched off and created it’s own unique style. It lacked difficulty though, at some points of the game it got to difficult and then it’s crooked difficulty ramp would toss in a tough level every now and then to even it out. The music was terrific, it worked perfectly with the game and the art was amazing. All in all it was a great game and a good break from an onslaught of unique games. Definitely go check out Shadow Snake! [Play Shadow Snake]