Best Friends Forever 3

[Play Best Friends Forever 3 Now] Game Description: Three miners are stuck in a cave and need to work with each other to escape! In this unique puzzler [much like the hit game Chronotron] you control three blue collar miners who are trapped in cave, after a long shift at work. You’ll need every one of your co-workers to make it out alive, using one another a benches, lifts and such to get over high ledges or other scenarios, that will force you to think out side the box. Help your co-worker escape the cave alive!

The only thing that is going to make this puzzle, platfromer game difficult, and this is true to most puzzle games, is either your lack of originality, or your ability to think out side the box, those are the only two factors affecting most puzzle games, but this game adds the difficulty of having to work with yourself, you’ll control all three miners, in which you will have to enumerate a stratagie to solve a puzzle using each miner in different and unique ways to solve each stages’ problem/puzzle.

I thought this game was extremely unique, even if it is comparable to Chronotron or The Company of Myself, Best Friends 3, includes a factors that none of those listed games have, Best Friends 3 has a set limit to the amount of users [in this case miners] that you can have on the screen at the time, unlike Chronotron where the user is allowed multiple entities on the screen at once. Also unlike Chronotron or he Company of Myself, Best Friends Forever 3 doesn’t include a replay/time warp system, you could argue that in turn that, that ruins the puzzle factor of the game, but in circumspection [while the game may not be then, as technically impressive] Best Friends Forever 3 allows the user to control multiple entities on the screen, maintaining all 3, while regulating zero-tolerance towards death, for three entities.

Best Friends Forever 3

The graphics have to be one of my favorite parts about the game, it’s rare when you see a game that mixes vectorized or cartoony type graphics with graphics that we compare to something realistic such as the walls, in-game. I don’t know what it is with the graphics, but I love them, most of the graphics displayed are vectorized, yet hold a realistic value towards them, which is un-doubtfully rare. All of the animations and motions created by the characters, greatly remind me of The Game and Cargo Bridge, both possessing vectorized, yet realistic values, un-forseen in thousands of games.

The sound is actually very fitting for the game, it has some kind of mysterious sound music in the background, perfect for a cave theme, or at the very least a cryptic, and ambiguous one, if not the whole package. Sadly this is practically no SFX [otherwise as known as special (sound) effects] though in recollection, most platformer and puzzlers do not contain SFX, due to the popularity of filling this spot in with music that would in turn drown out any sound effects. This was actually one of the few music tracks that I could keep on forever and not get tired of it, to be honest I really don’t care for this type of music, it was so random, but still didn’t make my ears bleed if you get my idea.

The difficulty ramp was excellent, unlike some games, the tutorial was provided in the first, several levels in the game [since most gamers are too lazy to read the instructions, gamers often find themselves lost and tend to evaluate a game lower due to it's lack of a proper tutorial.] I really like how Best Friends Forever 3 included an in-game tutorial, this gets you into the game quicker and you can just jump right in and begin playing. The levels progressively became tougher over the course of the entire game, allowing continuous challenge throughout, while never providing the taste of success without a proper confrontation with a unique puzzle, in each puzzle.

I wouldn’t say that there is much replay value in this game, while I agree that it is a tremendous achievement of it’s genre this isn’t exactly a game that your going to come back too, just because there way something else to achieve. There is of course the extras, witch include such items as a upside down camera, or an extra boost in your jumps, but is that really going to keep you coming back, not for me, even at the slightest of proportions. With more replay value [in-game achievements, medal, ect.] this game would be a totally different game, better, yet that doesn’t differentiate it form the game itself, still in-game achievements would be nice.

Overall, I thought this was a terrific game, that perfectly handled every aspect of gaming in the best way possible, providing an in-depth gaming experience, that will boggle your mind and force you to think outside the box. The sound was interesting at the least, but held no SFX [or sound effects] that in my mind would have improved the game, background music or sound effects, I’d go with sound effects. The art was excellent, I loved it, though I can’t really put my finger on what so great about it, beside it looks amazing, it has this unusual factor to it. The only thing that brought this game down a bit was the lack of replay-ability, sure your going to come back to complete the game half-way through, but what about after that, there isn’t much keeping me, to play the game. Anyways, Best Friends Forever 3, all in all, it’s a terrific game, be sure to check it out! [Play Best Friends Forever 3 Now]

Walkthrough: Part One [Levels 1-17]
Walkthrough: Part Two [Levels 18-33]