Effing Worms

[Play Effing Worm]Game Description: Eat sh*tloads of stick figures playing as gigantic worm. Maybe if you eat enough people, you’ll grow up to be big and fat like daddy worm. See how big you can become. Keep in mind I’m still working on the game and will be improving it based your feedback. Effing Worms is a unique minigame/arcade [I guess you can call it] much like the popular game Death Worm, in which [for both games] you control a massive worm and terrorize stickmen, growing bigger and bigger [such as the classic game Snake or Feeding Frenzy]. Your goal is to become as big as possible without dying from nuclear devices [atomic bombs, missiles, landmines, ect].

As your Worm grows larger and larger in this action-packed game it becomes more difficult to stay alive, as nuclear weapons become more frequent, causing large sums of your life to be depleted. The game starts with very few creatures to much on, but later advances in a much more complex and intricate system of enemies, create a very frantic scenario, in which you must avoid and destroy tanks, fighter jets, aircrafts and much more. Possibly the hardest part of this game alone is how your worm grows bigger every minute! As you size increases, dodging those missiles and land-mines becomes more of a challenge than you may have earlier foreseen.

One of the best things about Effing Worms is that it’s so frantic and action-packed, the last time I played a game this frantic was Frantic 2 [no pun intended]. My favorite part of this would have to be the change in growth from your starting Worm compared to a Worm after playing for 10 minutes, the worm changes dramatically giving the game a Snake idea, in which sometimes getting bigger isn’t always the best idea, but yields better rewards [score, kills, speed, ect]. I would compare this game to Jumpcat [even though my opinion towards Effing Worm are much better] it’s got cartoony graphics and it a side scroller.

Effing Worm

The graphics are exactly what I was hoping for in this game, they’re not the best, but they suit the theme extremely well and almost make you feel in a unique world, much like Earth. The graphics remind me of Nuclear Eagle [though my computer blow up playing that game, no pun intended]. The graphics are simple, yet effective, both featuring you killing small innocent stickmen, with an unusually large critter. I’d also have to compare the graphics and gameplay to IndestructoTank AE, which in comparable by combos, graphics and a couple other factors.
The sound effects work extremely well with the game. The sweet sounds of people screaming their heads off and explosions fill the scenes with exactly what you’d hear if this actually happened [would not want to be there]. Unlike other games where multiple sound effects lag you computer to hell, this game maintains crisp and smooth movement, un-muted so that it doesn’t ruin the quality of the game [there is a mute button].

The difficulty ramp in this game was just perfect! The game starts in a kind of farm community with domestic animals [mainly cows] and then moves onto hangliders and then fighter-jets, aircrafts and other vehicles of war. This is one of the smoothest difficulty ramps I’ve ever seen and it still gets you into the action of the game relatively quick. Another thing I like about this game is that there are checkpoints, these checkpoints allow you to [even after you've died] to start back at that point so even if you die you can start relatively close to where you croaked.

Right now in the game there is really no re-playability, urging you to come back to collect that final award or medal. If you want me to come back to a game you need to add some sort of re-playability [ in-game achievements, levels, ect] this game posses none of those qualities. This is a note from the developer of Effing Worms towards that fact, quote:

“Edit: Ok I hear you guys, it needs upgrades or something to make you keep playing. For now I overhauled the growth system and increased it by 7 times. The worm’s size can get pretty ridiculous, maybe too ridiculous. Anyways I’ll work on it more in the morning.”

So hopefully EffingGames will have up the new version soon, that’ll definitely bring me back for another run through the effing town [no pun intended].

Overall I though Effing Worm was a terrific game, it provided beautiful graphics that suited that extremely well, a well fitted sound system was also in place. The difficulty ramp was just perfect and still got you into the action-packed part of the game with ease. All in all the game was amazing, it possesed everything that I’d love to see in a game and then added more, awesome game, be sure to check it out! [Play Effing Worm]