MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3

[Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 | Play MARDEK RPG Walkthrough] Game Description: And some people thought this would never come out! But hey, look! It did! Gasp. This is the longly-delayed third chapter in the MARDEK saga. Numerous setbacks have caused it to take years to complete. It’s a long game, and since it’s a full RPG, it requires a lot of time to play through fully. There’s a lot of talking.

This is a game walkthrough for MARDEK RPG [Game Walkthrough: Episode 1,2, and 3] created by Pseudolonewolf [the creator of the MARDEK series]. View the walkthrough here!

Greataxe (10% Dmg) Comes equipped with Sslen’ck. 34 ATK
Iron Axe (20% Dmg, Quarry:HUMAN) 38 ATK
Sun Axe (20% Dmg) Revenant (5%) 35 ATK
Bone Axe (Perforate, Quarry:BEAST) Axolotl, Roaming Axolotl (5%) 40 ATK
Mighty Axe (Boost, Quarry:INSECT) Aeropolis Weapon shop, 9,000 coins, 42 ATK
Silver Axe (Quarry:UNDEAD) Axolotl Chieftain (5%), Blacksmith 46 ATK
Rending Eye (No skills) Fallen Paladin (50%), 50 ATK
Stone Axe (Earth Slash) Found in Earth Temple, 52 ATK
Drackal Crescent (Fire stream, Quarry:DRAGON, Soulstrike) -Reward for finishing the trade quest, forged at blacksmith. 60 ATK

M Blade (Smite Evil, Stunstrike, 50% Dmg) Equipped on Hero Mardek (Chapter 1) 100 ATK
Stick (Strike, Dmg+1,Block) Equipped on Child Mardek (Chapter 1) 3 ATK
Longsword (20% Dmg) Can be bought in Goznor or Cambria, 50 gold. 10 ATK
Bronze Sword (Smite Evil, Smite +) Can be found in lake Qur (Chapter 2), can be bought in Goznor and Cambria, 350 Gold. 14 ATK
Silver Sword (Disrupt Undead, Quarry:UNDEAD) Can be found in Catacombs and Goznor Sewers, can be bought in Cambria, 1000 coins. 16 ATK
Iron Sword (10% Dmg) Can be purchased in Canonia and Cambria, 600 coins, or found in Trilobite Cave. 20 ATK
Mace (Dmg 10%) Drops from Zombies, Pestilent, and Skeleton (5%), can be bought in Cambria ,800 coins. 22 ATK
Keyblade (No skills) Drops from Zombie locksmith (50%) 26 ATK
Shadowblade (Degeneration 10%) Drops from Abomination (5%) Can be bought in Cambria, 4000 coins. 25 ATK
Champion Sword (30% Dmg) Obtained from winning Chapter 2 Cambrian arena challenge. 32 ATK
Mythril Sword (10% Dmg) Equipped on Mardek (Chapter 3), 26 ATK
Sun Sword (20% Dmg) Can be found in the Sun Temple. 28 ATK
Blood Sword (Drain HP 10 , Drains HP) Made by blacksmith in Xantusia, dropped by Blood Zombie (1). 30ATK
Xantusian Scimitar (Critical 20%) Dropped by Reptoid Warrior (30%) Can be bought in Xantusia, 7,000 coins. 33 ATK
Clerical Mace (Smite plus) Dropped by Fallen Cultling (10%). 35 ATK
Righteous Justice (Smite X, Soulstrike) Found in the Lost Monastery. 40 ATK
Aeropolitan Scimitar (Air Slash) Dropped by Bandit (1%), Can be bought in Aeropolis, 12,000 coins. 36ATK
Fishslayer (Water Slash) Found in Water temple. 37 ATK
Flametongue (Fire Slash) Found in Fire temple. 39 ATK
Forest Edge (Earth Slash) Found in Earth temple. 40 ATK
Cursed Blade (P plus Bleed 20%, Drains HP, Auto/Inflicts Curse, Auto-Bleed) Found in Miasmal Citadel. 45ATK
Champion Sword II (Soulstrike, Empowers Light 20%) Award for winning the Chapter 3 Cambrian tournament. 50 ATK

Pike (No skills) Bought in Aeropolis, 50 coins. 9 ATK
Ember Spear (Flame, MFire 20%, Soulstrike) Comes equipped on Donovan. 22 ATK
Wing Spear (Lightning bolt, MAir 20%, Soulstrike) Comes equipped on Sharla, 22 ATK
Iron Spear (Null air once, Remove paralysis, Remove numbness) Can be found in sun temple, or can be bought in Aeropolis, 500 coins. 28 ATK
Stingstick (P plus poison 20%, Dmg 10%, Inflicts poison 50%) Can be forged at blacksmith, or dropped by male centaur (3%). 30 ATK
Desert Spear (Burn, Gust Shield) Bought in Aeropolis, 8,500 coins. 32 ATK
Magic Poker (M Dmg 20%, Thunderbolt) can be bought in Aeropolis, 36,000 coins, also drops from female centaur (3%). 20 ATK
Firefang (Blaze, Null Fire Once, Dmg 20%, Inflicts numbness 5%) Drop from Fire Guardian (100%). 36ATK.
Obelisk (Pyro Shell, Aero Shell) -Reward for bringing the museum curator 10 artifacts.
List by Melermo

Medal List:
1. New Hero – Start chapter 3 with a save file that had chapter 1 and 2 completed
2. Commander – Train all 11 chars to over lvl 20
3. Knight – Train mardek to over lvl 30
4. Clerical Assistant – Complete “Save the Priests!” Quest
5. Sun Badge – Complete “Sun Temple” Quest
6. Ambassador – Return the 4 raptoids in Sandflow Caves back to town
7. Empath of Fey – Complete “Lost Fairies” Quest
8. Archaeologist – Complete “Ancient Artifacts” Quest
9. Policeman – Complete “Crime Control Quest”
10. Saviour – Defeat Qualna
11. Unknown
12. Traveller – Exceed 100,000 Steps in the status tab.
13. Millionaire – Exceed 1,000,000 Gold Earned in the status tab.
14. Attacker – Exceed 1,000,000 Damage Inflicted in the status tab.
15. Defender – Exceed 1,000,000 Damage Received in the status tab.
16. Cleanser – Exceed 100 Monsters Killed in the status tab.
17. Vanquisher – Exceed 1,000 Monsters Killed in the status tab.
18. Millennial Warrior – Exceed 1,000 Physical Skills Used in the status tab.
19. Millennial Mage – Exceed 1,000 Magical Skills Used in the status tab.
20. Medicine Man – Exceed 100 Items Used in the status tab.
21. Victor – Exceed 100 Battles in the status tab.
22. Vae Victis – Exceed 1,000 Battles in the status tab.
23. Collector – Exceed 100 Chests Opened in the status tab.
24. Treasure Hunter – Exceed 400 Chests Opened in the status tab.25. Cataloguer – Complete all Encyclopaedia Sections
26. Astonishing Warrior – Kill Karnos
27. Saviour of the Manta – Kill Animus
28. Champion – Win the 20 round tournament in Cambria.
29. M Medal – Complete Mardek’s 10 round survival.
30. Flame Medal – Complete Donovan’s 10 round survival.
31. Feather Medal – Complete Sharla’s 10 round survival.
32. Dragon Medal – Complete Sslen’ck’s 10 round survival.
33. Star Medal – Complete Solaar’s 10 round survival.
34. Song Medal – Complete Elwyen’s 10 round survival.
35. Leaf Medal – Complete Gloria’s 10 round survival.
36. Spanner Medal – Complete Meraeador’s 10 round survival.
37. Cog Medal – Complete Legion’s 10 round survival.
38. Bear Medal – Complete Zach’s 10 round survival.
39. Yalort Medal – Complete Verhn’s 10 round survival.
40. Survivors – Complete all 10 round survival tournaments (11 total)