The Enchanted Cave

[Play The Enchanted Cave] Game Description: Enter the Enchanted Cave and collect artifacts, stat gems, and gold. Use the Escape Wings to become stronger every quest. Try to reach floor 100!The Enchanted Cave is a unique, retro styled RPG, adventure game in which you control a young hero on his quest to the 100 floor in a monster infested cave. Along the way you’ll collect powerful weapons [and spells] and armors to fend off the waves of enemies appearing on each floor. Take control of your character, and slash your opponents to shreds!

The game is very straight-forward, and doesn’t exactly include any exact story-line. On each floor you fend off a wave of critters and creatures, with the weapons you bought, or earned off of treasure chests! Not to sound lazy, but the battle system is so simple! I think it really define casual gaming, being so simply, you can almost relax to you killing critters, [it's a beautiful thing]. Check out the walkthrough below: