Chaos Faction 2: Level 2.3

If you’re looking for a game like Super Smash Bros Brawl, look no further than Chaos Faction 2, an intense fighter, beat em’ up game in which you go level to level fighting random people, to name a few are Monkeys to Zombies to the local bully, you’ll find yourself in countless different situations in this game. Chaos Faction covers 15 intense, unique campaign mission, each level awards you with new characters and weapons you can play as or use throughout the rest of the game (my favorite is the polar bear character!). Chaos Faction is a pretty simple game overall, but provides a fun and unique atmosphere throughout the entire game with different and entertaining levels each time, in one instance you may be showing off monkey from a tribe or protecting a construction site, either way this game is chalk-full of unique mission! My favorite part of this game may be the quick, action packed fights in each level, as seen in similar games (Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros Brawl, and other fighting games).

A few problems I faced in the game was that there’s so much going on during a fight, lasers left and right, explosions, crazy fighting moves and all that gets me lost in finding where my character went! Probably why I get suited up as a polar bear every time I go out, or else I get caught up with everyone else. This is especially noticeable in the first level, when everyone looks, practically, just like you. Another slight error I faced, seemed to be simply a glitch in the game, at certain times, you’re not able to control you character and you just stand there as your enemies take swings at you. The only thing that disappointed me in this game was actually the lack of difficulty, I practically breezed through each level the first time, and if it wasn’t the first time it was the second after I’d learned the tactics needed to complete the challenge.

Overall I thought the game was very addictive, though didn’t maintain any difficulty to me (weird how that works, isn’t it?). The game was a bit too fast paced for me though, or possibly I feel this way because the controls are a bit questionable whether their any good or not. My favorite part of the game, besides the amazing battle engine would have to be the multiple characters,believe it or not there are 45 characters at your disposal, (which reminds me of the Thing-Thing series), which are all customizable (which once again reminds me of Thing-Thing). Chaos Faction also has an in-depth level editor/creation, it brings up my memories of, for countless hours standing at the Wii, editing Super Smash Bros levels, for me.

Chaos Faction 2: Level 3.3

I’ve come to the conclusion that the graphics are excellent, I love the cartoon flavor, which seems to toss you into another world, makes you feel foreign which is quite hard to intimidate into someones mind. The sound is really genius, there’s sound for just about everything you could imagine hearing in these scenes in real life, and help set the mood for the land you are in.

The default controls are extremely easy for everyone to master, especially since you can edit any of the controls to anything you want, heck you want you movement style to be 1, 3, 3, 7, sure go ahead I don’t care! Not a lot to say about the controls here, since it’s nearly impossible to create a good fit for yourself.

There is little re-playability here for me at least, there’s in-game achievements and stuff, but I’m really not that hooked to go for them, they’re more like milestones. Although the game is mildly entertaining, I would have to say, I’m not coming back for a run down memory-lane anytime soon, unless I was interesting in making a level, though the game dramatically limits you to what you can make, I could see the maps being bigger, that would in my case or hypothesis would allow people to be more interested in making a more complex, intricate levels which would bring people back again for another run.

I thought Chaos Faction was an insanely good remake of some of the more popular games, though it then adds a spin on and creates a whole different experience, this is what I like to call an “Original remake”, which like I said creates a different experience from what I feel is a remake of an older game. The graphics and sound were incredible, and some of the best I’ve seen for a cartoony atmosphere. As fun as the game is, there is little replayability, that would keep me from coming back. Anyway that wraps it up for Chaos Faction 2, I hope you enjoyed our review! -Play Chaos Faction 2 here!