Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!

Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch my Gems! is a game where you protect your gems from the hero’s or good guys, while controlling the forces of Orcs, Undead and demons! This game is unique compared to other tower defense games, because each tile has a different element, for example Crypts (Undead) can be played on Snow tiles, while Temples (Demons) and Dens (Orcs) must be places on different types of tiles (Dirt and Grass). These tiles allow the game to take on several strategies throughout each level, providing a unique experience, differing from the other tower defenses. Another interesting thing I found about this game, was that, tower leveling is based on experience, not money, I like that fact, because every turn you must prepare for the future, instead of just buying yourself a super-buff tower.

Something that I viewed as, possibly the toughest problem in the games was simply the ability tree. Unless, you actually know what to do in the beginning of the game, and have possibly played the game once before, it’s tough to know what to invest your precious points in! I believe that unless you can know how to take control of your ability tree, that you won’t be as succesful later on in the game. One thing that I view as a difficulty of this game, were the Ninja hero’s, which I think are exceptional for the game, they add a ton of difficulty and I feel that without them this game wouldn’t be as challenging. If I were to remake the game, I would add a couple of more difficult enemies that act as a spread cross-breed of the ninjas’ and remake the ninjas’ less difficult.

Unlike other games, all the towers in Cursed Treasure are totally balance in my opinion, you can argue that the Crypts aren’t that great because of their slow fire rate, but they make up with their Chilling moves, which scare off a number of hero’s every wave. Or, that the Temples, don’t have the best range, but obviously make up for their terrific fire rate and circle attacks. The most rounded tower is the Den, which is made up with a basic range, a cross-breed between the Crypts and the Temple, the Den is a pretty well-rounded class.

Cursed Treasure Don't Touch My Gems!

I think the graphics were amazing! These graphics would have to be by far some of the best I’ve seen for a tower defense, let alone some of the best graphics I’ve seen for most games. I thought the graphics were, just terrific, (although it’s only about 10-15 different sprite). I thought the sounds, just might be better than the artwork, the sounds are realistic and really set the scene and mood for the game and the background music carries a ledgendary tone to it which could describe a scene, right before a large war. I love the sounds so much, because they don’t leave much out, I’ve seen a couple of great games, that I could down-rate simply because they forget some sounds that I thought would better set the mood, but Cursed Treasure includes detailed sounds like warcries or screams.

The difficulty ramp is okay, in my mind. I remember a couple of times in which I had to farm on a specific level for an hour or so on end, just to gain the proper abilities and skills to conquer the neighboring level. After a while once you’ve gotten a good variety of skills, you can plow through most of the levels later in the game, but definitely, the earlier level took a little more work.

There is a ton of replay-ability in this game, even though it does not contain any in-game achievements, but instead the game itself is one of the most addictive games on the web, no wonder theirs been over 2,000,000 views, just this month. The game is so addictive mainly because it’s insanely well planed-out and probably since it’s a tower defense, it’s almost impossible to mess up a good defense game. Cursed Treasures is addictive because it’s so different from some of the tower defense before itself, when was the last time you’ve seen a defense game with an Ability Tree, or leveling up based on experience, I have only once, but Cursed Treasure in my opinion is by far the best Tower Defense to date.

Overall, Cursed Treasure is an addictive tower defense game, which used strong vibrant art, mixed with perfect sound that sets a terrific mood to the game and makes you feel as though you are actually there. All, in all the difficulty ramp was a bit crooked in my opinion, it was tough throughout the first couple of levels, especially if you didn’t properly use your ability tree correctly. The game extremely fun and entertaining throughout the whole entire experience, when you get a couple of minutes, you’ll want to play this game – Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch my Gems!