Level Six

Blosics 2 is an addictive, physics, puzzle game, in which you fire balls, to know over green blocks off the screen. I’d imagine this game as a mix between Remove Red and Pyro or Fragger, to name to subgenres of aiming/physics games, that I happen to name off the top of my head, each containing a somewhat, interesting addictive flavor. Many games such as this one contain no exact story-line, which I can’t actually image one for such a simple game. Each level you attempt to knock all the green blocks off the stage (which you then gain points), as you avoid hitting the red blocks off, which cause you to loss points.

This game is extremely addictive, but at the same time, continues a somewhat difficult pattern through each level. The only game that comes to mind when I think of the difficulty in this game, is Meat Boy, (Note that I’m practically a Meat Boy master) which usually takes multiple times to beat a level, but still some how makes you continue, as frustrated as you may get. The point system works like this, knock a green square off, add points, but if you knock a red square off points are deducted. Sometimes it may be almost impossible to not tip over a red block.

I thought this game was actually pretty difficult throughout the entire game, I can’t stand those games, in which you breeze through the first fifty level and all the sudden they amp up the difficulty to an extreme, unlike those games Blosics 2 maintains a perfect difficult ramp, which gentle leads from the average player, to the avid gamer to test you skill. So games (that I’ll not name) have terrible physics, a wooden crates turns out to weigh a pound (453 grams) or a small marble being 100 pounds (4530 grams), but this game clearly masters physics and executes it perfectly in the game.

Level 14

Overall, I thought the graphics were amazing, yet simple. The graphics of Blosics 2, somewhat reminds me of Jelly Blocks, except a little bit better, obviously. The music is very peaceful and for some reason reminds me of Golden Sun, or some other RPG in a little town. The sound effects are spot on in this game and are, easy to listen to with the music in the background.

Blosics 2′s controls are very simple to follow and almost anyone can master them within minutes of playing. The game is completely controlled by the mouse and requires almost zero-reaction time (for all you old people, eh?). Imagine, when you pulling back on a bow-string, about to fire an arrow, pulling away from the object (arrow) at a great distance will make the arrow fire in the opposite direction of the stress build-up in a great velocity, but pulling the string back, with less power, will result in less velocity. So just imagine the game like that, OK?

Blosics 2 sadly in my opinion has little re-playability value, except for possibly the Mochi Leaderboard, which tracks what people have score what overall in the game. Although that may be a great reason for some people to spend another three years on this game and then it ends up on Yahoo news for some crazy world record thing, I don’t care; I’m not biting. Aside, from the Mochi Learderboard, there’s really no achievement system, which would have been cool, there’s no “You did a great job score 1337 points, nothing! Not relating to re-playability, but possibly relating to more views and money to this game is the Level Editor, I’m no genius, (I really am) but if your making a game, and you add a level editor to your game, someone makes a level takes them two days they reload the game 10 different times, heck, that isn’t too bad, for a game that might have gotten, possibly two reloads by the same person, eh?

In my opinion, Blosics 2 is a very addictive physics/puzzle game, that I got hocked onto since the start! Blosics is easy enough for anyone to play and enjoy. The only thing in my opinion was that it lacked re-playability, which would have been a major plus if it had achievements (in-game) or some crazy thing to make you want to come back again.